My advise to God

The bible tells us that the fourth king of Israel; Rehoboam and the next after him; Jeroboam were at war all their days.

“…And there were wars between Rehoboam and Jeroboam all their days.” 2 Chronicles 12:15

I read that and I remembered that God had sent prophet Ahijah to anoint Jeroboam while Rehoboam was still king.

God also did same with David, He sent Samuel to anoint David while Saul was still king.

Ahab also was still king when God sent Elijah to anoint Jehu king and a few other similar cases.

I saw this trend and I thought to myself “surely God should’ve waited for the reigning king to die before informing the next”, cause I saw that once the information got out, some weren’t even patient enough to wait for God to do what He said, they took matters in their own hand to see themselves as king despite their predecessor still alive.

I told God that if he did it one after the other, no heart would’ve been stirred to Jealousy and everyone will be patient till it’s their turn to reign. Call me Rubie almighty, cause see me advising God almighty. Lol

Anyways while still in my thoughts, the Holy Spirit stopped me and said “No, everybody’s heart must be pure enough to see the purity in Gods actions”.

He showed me that I only thought what I was thinking because I was making a case for jealousy, impatience and pride in the hearts of man to manifest quickly, but God doesn’t change His ways to accommodate our sinful hearts, God still does things like He would’ve done if we were in the garden and the serpent never deceived Eve.

That’s the standard we’re being restored to as we receive Jesus and commit to the new heart we receive and the transformed mind we must intentionally grow into.

If we don’t deal with our hearts and minds even after we’ve received Jesus, we will see injustice and unrighteousness where there is none.

Dealing with our hearts and guarding it doesn’t only stop us from transgressing, it stops us from interpreting situations and events through the lens of transgression.

So many times when we’ve judged the acts of God as unfair in our subconscious because we’ve looked through a transgression lens. Even here on earth, we’ve often judged the actions of the clergy as prideful or ungodly because we’re looking through a broken lens.

We saw this initiation from the beginning, once the serpent got access to Eve’s heart, he was able to make her see evil in Gods action of keeping them away from the tree of good and evil. Meanwhile God meant and intended good by that action because He will never withhold anything good from His children.

Same God gave us Jesus oh.

We must clean our hearts, not just to avoid transgression, much more to not see transgression where there is none.

The word of God is double-edged in the work with our hearts and minds. It cleans it, at the same time trains it to see Gods way.

May we not see Gods hand and work and call it ungodly because of an unclean and impure heart.

6 thoughts on “My advise to God

  1. Oyinkansola Odunlami says:

    Important summary:
    “Dealing with our hearts and guarding it doesn’t only stop us from transgressing, it stops us from interpreting situations and events through the lens of transgression.”

    God’s ways are always righteous.

    Thanks for sharing, Rubie.

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