Glory from a stranger

One of my greatest joys of being a believer is the realisation that I am a part of what God is doing.

It fills my heart with so much purpose and zeal.

I’ve been reading The Normal Christian life by Watchman Nee and I find in one of the early chapters that he tries to show us why we cannot work our way into grace, no matter how long we pray, or how often we study the Bible. He presents all the spiritual disciplines that the believer engages as faith moves, because we realise that we do only because God has done.

For me, a lot of these spiritual disciplines like praying, fasting, studying the word and even gathering with fellow believers have become a joy because I realise that it makes me a part of what God is doing at any point in time.

I love being part of it because it was really as God intended from the beginning. He carried Adam along and involved Him at every step and I imagine this brought Adam a lot of satisfaction because this was the purpose of His creation; to bring God glory. We can’t bring glory to a person without engaging the person.

Bringing God glory can be lost in meaning if you grew up in the church cause they term everything good that happens “to the glory of God” or “for the glory of God”. But God is only glorified in and through vessels that are part of what He is doing. We see people claim things to the glory of God but having no engagement with God (whether in prayer, study or fellowship).

People do things outside of what God is doing and still claim and profess it to the glory of God.

I pray for myself so often that “May I always be where God is”, that prayer came from my early days in Christianity, when I gave my life to Christ and I found in reading the book of Ezekiel (funny that at the moment I’m back studying this same book) that it is possible to be where God is not, saying what He has not said and doing what He has not asked. I saw some priests and prophets in that book prophesying against the prophecies of God through Ezekiel in the same name of God. I saw them bring words of comfort to the people at a time when God was bringing them words of doom. I saw them prophecy that it will not happen, when actually God said it will. They said it is well when God said it is not.

So when I pray that, I’m saying that I want my life to be a daily reality of Galatians 5:16; walking in the Spirit. Because the Spirit of God is God Himself.

So in my zeal to continue to be a part of what God is doing, I am guided in the prayer of asking God to help me be where He is at every point. Because Romans 10:2 will show us that it is possible to have misplaced zeal.

So I invite you to do same, come and be a part of what God is doing, truly nothing else satisfies like doing the very thing for which you are created.

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