FOCH Woman has an administrative team that basically looks after and caters for the success of all we undergo. From our events to conferences, to short meetings.

We’re starting up in two locations, Portsmouth in United Kingdom and Abuja in Nigeria. So for the two locations, we have people overlooking its smooth running.

Below is a list of our officials in London, a short bio about them, where they are currently and their respective roles in FOCH Woman.

They were prayerfully considered and are absolutely amazing ladies also working towards being God’s idea of a complete woman.


This is Vicky. And yes! she’s as exotic as her smile. She’s a current second year student studying Petroleum Engineering in University. She’s sanguine by temperament and a naturally happy person. Being sanguine makes her a people’s person which made her very suitable to be our Public relation officer.

Her role centres around managing our social media platforms and getting us involved in corporate social responsibility projects when we have too.

She believes in God and she has a flare for hosting events and radio shows. Maybe one day we’ll see her on TV so keep an eye out for Vicky.



Princess is FOCH Woman accountant for the UK branch. She’s currently studying Petroleum Engineering at University.  She’s prudent, responsible and extremely sporty. She’s melancholic by temperament which makes her very creative and a bit of a perfectionist.

Her role tells you that she handles our finances and ensures we’re prudent in our spending.

She’s also a very strong christian and currently the Public Relations officer for a christian society at her university.



Ruth is the magic behind the beautiful pictures you’ll be viewing on our blog and social media platforms. She is currently studying Architecture in University and also interested in photography.

We like to see her as the life of the party cause she has her way of making fun in whatever she does and we really couldn’t imagine a better photographer for FOCH Woman. She is a bible believing christian and is all out for expressing God’s love and grace wherever you find yourself.



Adeola is the events officer for FOCH Woman. She is currently studying Computing at University. She manages all our events and ensures that participants, members and resource person’s are all happy. She takes care of welfare, including food, venue, decorations and timing.

She’s an amazing cook and enjoys trying new recipes. She’s also in her church choir at her university.



Tolani is our make-up artist at FOCH Woman.As hard as it is to believe, she currently studies Architecture at university and we also wonder how she manages to combine those two almost opposite talents.

She’s fun, natural and real. Her comfort comes before anyone’s opinion and she enjoys practising her make-up skills in her free time. She takes care of any guests who may be coming in for our conferences or meetings and beautifies them for their presentations.

She’s also a bible-believing christian and the current secretary for a society at her university.


There you have it, the beautiful officials for FOCH Woman. To follow up on all that’s going on, dot forget to follow us on twitter and Instagram. And also keep up with our blog.

Twitter – FOCH_Woman

Instagram – foch_woman

6 thoughts on “MEET THE FOCH TEAM!


    Hi. This is an amazing platform to encourage women in all walks of life. I have enjoyed the podcasts and I’m looking forward to reading the blog posts. I find all your content so real and relatable. So, thank you FOCH Women team and may the grace of God continue to follow you in 2021. Shalom from Flo xxx

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