Why are you where you are?

It’ll be a bit crazy for me to ask how many times you’ve asked yourself “what really am I here for ?” 

I think it’s part of growth and development to at some point seek reasons for your existence and position at that point in time.
I’ve come to that place many times in my life, particularly at the points that involved a change in environment. Those ones seem to weigh even heavier considering there’s change even in scheduling and activities of your day.
The sad part is a lot of us ignore the question, we think it, but we never answer it.
And you need to be careful when you sit down to meditate because the human mind is so vast, it can take another line of thought long before you even realise it.
I’m going to simplify the process for you whenever you find yourself asking this question.
I was recently at that point and while I prayed about it, a simple question was placed in my heart.
The question said “what responsibilities do you have?”
At first I was taken aback at the change in direction, but as I began to answer, it became clearer.
My responsibilities were directly linked to the reason and purpose I was here.
Everything I do not just for myself is a responsibility and it constitutes the reason I ended up there.
What I do, if I wasn’t here, no one would be doing them or even if someone was doing them, it wouldn’t be the way I do it. So I am here to do what I am responsible for.
It doesn’t end there.
After answering that question, a final statement came that said “to make a positive impact”
Put it together and it says “use the responsibilities you have to make a positive impact in your environment”
Do you see that? You’re where you are to use your responsibilities to bring positive change.
Now I’m sure there’s some people thinking what are my responsibilities ?
That’s a very good question to ask yourself cause you’re indirectly asking yourself “what am I doing for other people other than myself?”
And reality will hit some of us that we’ve been just a little selfish all along.
Responsibility is a necessity for growth. Not physical growth. That’s inevitable, but mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological growth.
You need to do something that benefits others too.
It’s not to late to start looking out to do something, because until you plug yourself to responsibility, you wouldn’t realise the reasons or purpose you’ve been placed where you are.

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