We haven’t had the opportunity to actually unveil our logo on the blog, we thought we would leave it to the launching party but I think it’ll be nice that everyone attending came with an idea of what we stand for before they even had an opportunity to hear us speak.

The logo makes me so happy. I wouldn’t lie to you, it wasn’t what I had in mind but i’ll tell you that I think it turned out even better.

A lot of prayer went into it. I didn’t just think up a design and ask a designer to get it done, I asked God what He wanted us to represent and  I think He answered us very well.

Several things to note with the logo.
1) The colour Gold has always been used to signify ROYALTY, WEALTH and the BEST of anything.
You’re the daughter of the most high. You are royalty! you’re the daughter of the creator of the universe. You are wealthy. Just as gold is given to the best at something, the best of life is what your father wants for you and is what He will give to you.

Growth is Gods desire for you. Constantly and consciously developing yourself to the woman He envisaged when He Crafted you and sent you to earth.
You have a mandate to dominate and be fruitful. And your fruit should remain.
Freshness is inevitable for anyone who spends time with the King of kings. Because you come out with purpose, direction, confidence and a sense of fulfilment even before embarking on a journey.
You should be impacting, influencing and inspiring people wherever you find yourself.
All of these and more is who you are dear FOCH woman!


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