Purpose driven woman

Hey hey,

It’s been a while, forgive us, school has been a bit more than we thought it would be this year but God has been faithful. Saw us through the first teaching block of the year already. We may never really understand this time thing!

So, as the year came closer to the end and as the teaching block also came to an end, slowly but still surely!, I knew so badly that I needed a break.

Physically, mentally, emotionally and even more spiritually, I needed some time off of all I had plunged myself into just to examine my life and see if I was where God wanted me to be at this time.

Some of the disadvantages that come with having a busy life is you tend to think that every excuse you give is reasonable because in that moment, something of higher priority seemed to be more important. But don’t get it twisted. That you are busy never should denote that you’re doing the right thing or on the right course.

Back to my story. As the year got to an end, I needed to spend some time with God. My spirit needed it badly and I knew that it didn’t mean my daily devotions or my sometimes night prayers. It meant days of actually seeking God in all that was happening around me.

In the mist of it all, I was experiencing one of those things I like to call a ‘purpose attack’, when the devil tries to convince me that I don’t even have a purpose but just living as the days go.

Obviously because I know the devil is a liar and my bible tells me that God has plans and purposes for me and beyond all of them, they are of good and not of evil, I didn’t have a reason to panic. Yet, I did.

So in all of that, I told God I was dedicating 10 days to seek Him earnestly. It was kind of my retreat before the year ended, to review the year, know what I was leaving in 2016, what I was carrying to 2017 and just know what God has in store for 2017 for FOCH woman, my family, my friends and my life in particular.

I made a timetable of what I would be praying for each day and just told God to lead me to pray whenever I closed my eyes to pray.

On Friday, the 16th I woke up so unusually early and with so much strength, like as if I had just had a massage or something and I felt lead to read my bible. And in the two hours reading, God gave me two scriptures that just put everything in me at rest.

The first was 1 John 3:2 and the second was Isaiah 46:10. Check them out.

From the two of them put together, some things we’re established. I am a child of God, what I will be has not yet been made known but one thing that I am certain of is that when Christ appears, I will be like Him. I will see Him as He is.

Without beating too much around the bush, I always get carried away asking God to just tell me ‘the purpose’ and truth is, there’s no one purpose. Yes He has plans and yes He has purposes but He’ll reveal and lead me as I move. The idea is just to take Him along in every step.

Now, while what I will be is unknown or made known as I progress through life, what is known and certain is that I will be like Jesus when He appears.

So this one thing that I am certain of, I might as well just pursue it fully. Instead of getting distracted or delayed by the one I am yet to know. Also having the knowledge that God knows the end from the beginning and His purpose will stand and He will do as He pleases.

I know that there are so many young girls and women at the point where I recently was. But I need you to know that as long as you’re with God, you’re already a woman of purpose.

A woman of purpose is not the one who has it all together. shes the one who relies on God’s daily leading and beckoning and obeys as she hears until she gets to the finish line and crosses knowing she actually did her best and trusted in every prompting of her father.

That is who a woman of purpose is. Don’t panic that you don’t have it all together and don’t be scared if you don’t even have a clue of what you will be doing when you’re 30 or 40 or 50. Just trust God and work at the one thing we are certain of, which is to be like Christ. For now, and forever, that is all that is important.

I round up my retreat on Tuesday next week and I’m honestly just excited to share all God has revealed and will be revealing to me.

God loves you FOCH woman. And you are His woman of and on purpose.


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