2 days to 2017!

As I write, it is literally just two minutes to 30th of December, giving us exactly 2 days till the end of 2016.

Any final words or thoughts? say and think them now! lol

I bet you have read everywhere the need to get planning for the new year. What have you done about that? Have you actually taken out time to do that? do you wonder what the need is in doing that?

Here’s the thing. For me personally and from what I have heard people say, when you plan something, you are actually already half way there. What planning does is that it organises your brain and thoughts to something and if you put a time tag on it, even better because subconsciously, you commit yourself to doing whatever you need to do before the time elapses.

Planning is a major tool in the hands of anyone who will succeed in life.It is almost inevitable for the victor because the victor will never sit and let what will happen happen.

I’ll explain that further. Regardless of whether or not you write out your plans for 2017, 1st January 2017 will still come. It’s not tied to you writing your plans, but the difference between you and the person who would have their plan written out is that they are stepping into the year with focus and direction and you are just going with what comes, comes. And the problem with that is you begin to coast, wherever you find yourself, you accept because you really didn’t have a plan of where you should be so you could be anywhere and be okay with it.

NO, not for any FOCH woman. We will be intentional and deliberate about our year. We will decide where we will be and at what time, and we will have the last say to what results we will have at the end of 2017. This is not excluding God in anyway. Because from the bible, we see that He encourages us to plan. It says a man plans his ways and the Lord directs his path. Give God something to work with.

The other thing, same mistake I made, don’t just plan for your academics or school work. There’s that tendency to plan for the biggest aspect of your life and ignore the others. No, try to include it all. Your academics, your social life, your finances, your personal life, your relationships, include them all.

Please, don’t let 2017 come and do what it wants with you. Tell 2017 all you are achieving within it. Be the boss! *drops mic*

We wish you a fantastic new year from the FOCH team and we are certain it will be a superb year, not just as a group but also as individuals.



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