It’s coming…

Hello! 🙂

How’s it going? your day? your week? January? the year so far?

I hope good? If yes, Thank God, If no, It’ll get better. It only lasts a while. And I really mean that.

How are your plans for the year going? hope you’re making deliberate and international steps towards all you said you would do this year? It is never too early to start.

So, my theme this year from my church is ‘The just shall live by faith’ and my personal theme is ‘Arise and Shine’. Everyday, I’m taking steps to show this in all  I do through my day and it helps you know, because at some point, you get used to it.

For about 2 weeks consecutively, a story from the bible kept recurring in different places I went and in different things I read. I didn’t think too much about it but I was sure to keep professing and saying amen to the prayers that came with the story also.

It is that story of Elijah and the widow at the gate. When God told Elijah to go somewhere and that when he got there He had ordered a widow to cater for Him. Most times, we read that story just from Elijah’s perspective. The widow’s perspective was not documented but from the story, you can see it all.

When Elijah met her, she was gathering sticks to make the last meal for herself and her son so they could eat and die. I feel like for her to get to that point means that she had already explored all other options, gone around to ask family members and neighbours, sold some of their property, prayed and prayed and prayed to God for a breakthrough and yet, there she was, gathering sticks to make the last meal for herself and her very innocent son who was probably wondering why life had to be so cruel to his beautiful mother.

Anyways, Elijah in that moment asked for a cup of water and a piece of cake and sure enough, she informed him of her current situation and then Elijah spoke Gods words to her and her situation turned around as the bible records, ‘and she and her household and Elijah did eat many days and the barrel of oil wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail’.

I was at a point where I had explored all options too, and I had prayed and prayed and prayed concerning something and in the last dying minute, God showed up. Why He decides to show up whenever He does is really beyond me to comprehend but the fact that He does show up is all I need to take comfort in.

Delay truly is not denial and in those times you have been waiting forever, just keep having faith and holding on to that hope.

The Elijah for your situation will show up and guess what? It won’t be too late. It might seem as though it is but best believe God is also there seeing the end and Him showing up when He does is not coincidental or accidental but very intentional and deliberate.

Joy always comes in the morning. Just maybe you’re in the night of sorrow or trials, and it also seems like time is running out, know that God is also aware and His timing would be perfect. I promise.

Have a blessed, productive, action-supported faith exercising and fun week FOCH woman.


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