The Samaritan woman at the well


If you’re me, you’ve seriously wondered why she was also not named although Wikipedia calls her Photine..
This woman was blessed in ways I can’t even begin to explain.
I know sometimes how much I long to have Jesus sit in front of me face to face and have a conversation with Him.
Not because prayer is not enough for me, but sometimes I just desire that level of intimacy.

She’s one of the few women in the bible who had private time with Jesus.
I don’t know again how more blessed you can be.

This Samaritan woman is the best description of a lot of young girls and women today, particularly us who’ve come from Christian homes and appear to have always had it all together.
No one sees or knows the parts you’ve shrouded apart from you and God.

She probably lived a normal life, unlike Rahab (who I can’t wait to get to), she wasn’t publicly known as a prostitute.
Just a regular woman living her everyday life.

But like they say, nothing is hidden from God and everything will come to light before Him, Jesus saw and knew all that she’d successfully hidden away from the public.

This woman was on another level of witty too, I loved her response to Jesus when He revealed what she didn’t know He knew.
She literally went like “okay, sir prophet..” and then she just changed the direction of the conversation to talking about places of worship .. lol

Jesus response was also golden, He went with her direction but brought her back to what she was running from.

In the end, she ran off to tell everyone who would hear her because she had just been saved!
The bible says she went and told them “come and see a man who told me all that I ever did”

If I was one of the hearers, that wouldn’t have moved me to run to Jesus immediately, in fact, I’d have been like “what’s doing this one today”
So I reckon that in her excitement and at the probing she received, she spilled the beans of all that Jesus revealed about her, including the 5 husbands and 1 housemate.

She was too excited to think about what they’d think or if they’d look at her differently. Her salvation had so freed her that she had escaped the bondage of what “they” would think.

I think In this salvation we receive, we enjoy everything but the main thing, which is FREEDOM!
Salvation came with freedom from all things including the freedom to speak about your past with other people with an intention to liberate them from their own struggles.

There’s so much we won’t be proud of ourselves about, particularly before we came to know God and we’re thinking because we’re new creations, that doesn’t need to come to light or be heard of ever again.

Sometimes, God needs those stories of the old you to minister to other people around you and if for fear of not being seen the same way holds us back, we limit the expression of our freedom that’s come with salvation.

The best speakers mould their subject stories around their lives before’s and after’s and this is because people are more inclined to open up more when they find a place to relate with you.

The Samaritan woman taught me freedom, freedom to speak about what characterised Rubie before she came to know God.
About those things that make us change the direction of a discussion when they pop up.

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2 thoughts on “The Samaritan woman at the well

  1. fochwoman says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you Ruki! And if you look at it, the more vulnerable and open you are about your past and mistakes, the less power the devil has over you to guilt trip you.
    We disarm the devil every time we choose to share the things we consider most ‘private’.


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