Forgive that I took this long to write on the final woman in the series of 'Bad girls of the bible', I've been up and about, nonetheless, nothing of all I've been up to is excuse for not posting the final part. On the other hand, for some reason, I got really excited knowing that … Continue reading JEZEBEL


Ideally we should remember Michal as the wife of David but more than half of the time, shes either not named or named last as David's wife. Ironically she was the first woman David married. Michal definitely suffered some deep emotional trauma because the bible expressly describes how she loved David, but not once did … Continue reading Michal


Rahab introduced a category of girls in the bible termed "bad for a season, but not forever" She was one of the most unfortunate bad girls in the bible. I say unfortunate because unlike most of them, Rahab's escapades were known in her society. People actually knew, identified and referred to her as a harlot. … Continue reading Rahab


I think majority of people knew Delilah before they read her story, For me personally, I observed that it was mostly used as profanity on the subjects it was used on. Apart from Jezebel, Delilah is the other name that any parent would have to be completely ignorant to give their daughters. I even personally … Continue reading Delilah!


First woman in the bible and in the world. Isn't is funny the courage of the author to name her in the category of 'bad girls of the bible'? I thought it was very bold of Liz Kurtis Higgs, seeing that most of us would like to see Eve as the mother of life despite … Continue reading EVE