The Sinful Woman

Another unnamed woman in the bible πŸ™ƒ

I was sure she had a name till I returned to read the story properly and realised she was referred to as the sinful woman.

As most stories in the bible, we are not really given an introductory or background story to this woman, she literally just made an appearance in that chapter, although theologians argue that she had been previously mentioned in the bible.

There’s something precious about this sinful woman, from the few chapters about her in the bible, it seems like she had received a revelation prior to going to see Jesus in the Pharisees house.

No one just approaches someone and begins to cry and kiss their feet and anoint their head with oil, that’ll be really creepy. So I’m convinced she had been visited prior to the scene where we see her loving up on Jesus in the way and manner she chose to.

The sinful woman reminded me how powerful silence is in God’s presence, sometimes we feel we always need to be saying something but a lot of times, silence does the trick.
There was literally no exchange of words between her and Jesus till the last verses when Jesus told her that her sins were forgiven.

She also taught me what it means to zone the world out and focus on what truly matters.
Can you imagine the scene she must have created?
Walking into a dinner party and going to just one guest, crying, kissing His feet and pouring perfume on His head ???

At that moment, she couldn’t care less, she had come for something and not even the judging and accusing eyes piercing her could stop her.

In our time, there’s enough things to zone out, enough distractions that are veiled in things that appear important.
But we need to ask God for focus and clarity to ‘see the focus and focus on the focus’.

#TheSinfulWoman #BadGirlsOfTheBible #Focus

sinful woman

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