Ideally we should remember Michal as the wife of David but more than half of the time, shes either not named or named last as David’s wife. Ironically she was the first woman David married.

Michal definitely suffered some deep emotional trauma because the bible expressly describes how she loved David, but not once did it mention how David loved his wife, so similar to Potiphar’s wife, she was in a situation that definitely was not favourable but still did not justify her actions.

She was also not mentioned a lot in the bible but the few chapters she appeared in were either sad or scary.

We never see it this way but Michal had the opportunity to be the woman after God’s heart. She was married to the man after God’s heart regardless of the situation leading to their marriage, so nothing could’ve stopped her really, but we see that her love for David was actually a hazard to her love for God and her ability to sense situations clearly and without prejudice.

She was obsessed with this man named David and the obsession started long before they were joined together in Marriage.

Her lesson was a powerful one for me personally because sometimes, we excuse some things we adore in our lives because they are good or right but we forget that the moment we place anything above or on the same pedestal with God and/or our relationship with Him, we’ve set ourselves up for a disaster.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman loving her husband like she did or with a child adoring his mother or with a student working to get to the apex of their academics or career.

These things in themselves are very good but when we begin to move things in our life to rotate around any of them, we miss the goodness it could bring to us like the way Michal met and loved (goodness) but ended a tragic way.

Michal’s story taught me to know God for myself and LOVE Him, I dare say the extent to which Michal loved David.

#Michal #BadGirlsOfTheBible #Love

poisonous love

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