‘Dead Meat’

I sat and watched on Natgeo wild one day and understood how if you wanted to escape a lion eating you, you could pretend to be dead in the few minutes that it approached your body and sniffed you out to see if you were still alive.

Some animals are smart enough to decipher this and are actually able to play dead when they see an approaching lion.

Lions don’t fancy dead meat. They love the Point, Kill and Eat meat.

I was having a conversation last night with a friend and I was reminded of this after I had told him the overwhelming place I was in currently with all that was happening around me, and not even me personally.

While he spoke of the lion, I realised that the devil was ever so similar to this trait of the lion. he does not go after dead meat.

he does not go after to get what is his already, he goes after the one that is not his to make it so.

It is overwhelming for most Christians to understand what it means when they say you are in warfare. Majority of us think it very cultural and not applying to us personally, but the reality of this life is that spiritual warfare is an ongoing thing that happens all the time, and in case you thought you were exempted, you should know that if you so much as name the name of the Lord, you are tagged an enemy in that realm by the devil and his cohorts.

The solution to this is not to run or ‘play dead’, as a matter of fact, because we have a foreknowledge of what this is, we can stay ready and waiting for this attacks, why? Because it will come.

Jesus said to ‘Be of good cheer because I (Jesus) have overcome the world’.

Nothing might be going right at the moment, but you need to understand that this shows that you’re alive and not dead and contrary to most Christians, the devil recognises the threat you are.

Don’t play dead meat so he leaves you alone. You’re not dead meat, be the conqueror you are and face him head on and trust the God on the inside of you to fight and come out victorious.

This is a WON battle and war.


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