Almost ‘I do’


My friend who was set to get married next year had his engagement called off by his girlfriend of 2 years and fiancee of 1 year.

She requested for a time off to pray for a while and came back 2 weeks later, returning the ring, informing him that this was not Gods plan for them. She waited 2 weeks to the introduction to do this and called it off.

I ended up with the broken heart and confusing questions because I did not know what to say to him, all I could do really was ‘Be there’, and I was ‘there’ virtually. If that even counts.

The best time to see those strong friends is when they’re heart broken. Honestly, another side of them shines through, a side that is not very pleasant or good to see. He seemed helpless, sad and very angry, and I couldn’t say I understood, but I attempted placing myself in his shoes and felt really horrible.

It was down memory lane the night he called to break the news to me and so, as you would expect I had many questions.

I might add at this juncture that he is a very sound Man of God, whatever this means to you. They had prayed severally before getting into the relationship and even getting to the phase they were in when all of it came crashing down.

He had lots of questions. I also had loads of questions and so we sat exchanging questions and just really praying for comfort, but even more understanding.

I remain assured of one thing, God is not a Liar. God did not lie and He definitely did not mislead. It might be a delay, and it just might also be a closed door which means someone didn’t hear God clearly.

From the whole ordeal, I’ve had a couple of lessons I wanted to share and I hope it edifies you as much as it did as it came to me.

  • When something has not gone the way God told us it would, it’s not the time to start doubting and questioning Him. It’s time to pray for understanding and search inwardly.
  • When God speaks, listen wholly and fully, and not in part or pick out what you want to hear and leave the rest.
  • Gods hand will never lead you where His grace is not, so as we pray for the open doors and accept it, we should equally accept the closed doors as His will.
  • God is breeding patience in us with every trial we face in life.
  • Don’t expect God to speak differently to you from the usual ways He speaks when it comes to the life partner decision. He won’t automatically change the way He speaks just for that decision.
  • God comforts us through life. He is not unaware or unbothered by the things that hurt us, so don’t think He is absent through the storm.

In the end, It will be well.


2 thoughts on “Almost ‘I do’

  1. Ozioma Paul says:

    Whao! “When something has not gone the way God told us it would, it’s not the time to start doubting and questioning Him. It’s time to pray for understanding and search inwardly.” – this stood out for me. It is well
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂


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