The Created vs The Made

I’ve been starting out on my annual personal retreat, wrapping up the mid academic-year retreat in my fellowship and at the same time, juggling school, life and the Christmas giveaway which is currently ongoing (Make sure you check it out).

It’s been all exciting, to say the least.

For the mid-year retreat at my fellowship, we looked at the theme; ‘Follow me’, we were attempting to understand what discipleship means, how important it is for a christian striving for growth and also the cost of discipleship.

My take away is understanding the difference between the created and the made and striving to move from just being the created to being the made.

We’ve all been created by God, everything in existence is created by God and For him, without Him, nothing was made that has been made.

However, that we have been created by Him, does not automatically put us in the best place to be used by Him, beyond His creating us, He’s interested in making us, hence His statement in Matthew 4:19 to ‘Follow me, and I will MAKE you fishers of men’.

There is a process of making that comes after our realising and acknowledging that we have been created.

The making process starts from when we submit ourselves totally to Christ and carries on to the point where we actually look just like Jesus, which is a daily intentional process we must all apply ourselves to.

God will only use a man that He has made and not just created because God will not set us up in a prepared place when we ourselves are not prepared for those places.

God takes prepared people to prepared places. When we understand this, it makes it easier for us to submit ourselves to the making process.

For most people, they’ve been at one place in this spiritual growth. The place where they truly have accepted that Christ died and believe, but It is so much more than this. We need to move from the bench and actually get in to play the game.

A soldier does not remain in training forever, at some point, the commander moves him out to actually fight in the battle, but only when the commander feels that the soldier is ready.

Daily, were praying, asking God for revival, signs and wonder, but we ourselves aren’t going the extra mile in this making process.

The first and most important part of the making process is renouncing yourself as lord over your own life. A man holding on to his life will not completely submit to be used by a higher person even if they realised it is a higher person.

So one of my biggest prayers this retreat is to cease to be lord of my own self and allow God be God over me.

On a less serious note, here’s also encouraging you to take a break off everything and spend some time alone, in prayer, worship and study of Gods word to prepare spiritually for the coming year and all that’s coming with it.

While at it, also answer this question;

Am I being made? or have I just been created?

The created and The made

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