I know i’m not the only one who sometimes wants to be Super woman, save everyone, make everyone happy, love everyone in the manner they perceive love, heal every aching joint in very mammal body and sometimes, even grant the smallest wishes, even the little appetite cravings some of us have right now.

Have I succeeded in being this person, maybe actually.

JK. I have not. Not in the slightest.

I realised why kids idolise these Superheroes. And it makes so much sense even to us adults, why we might wanna be superman and superwoman.

Have you ever noticed how in the Superhero movies, they never show the weaknesses of these Superheroes? They’re always the brave, strong and knowing ones who always, always come through.

Also notice how, if at all, they show us a hint of weakness, it is in or related to their love life! lol.

From Superman to Spiderman to even Wonder woman. Everybody’s love life always brings out their weakness. I find it really funny.

So when we watch these movies and animations, and sometimes, even just from the genuineness and sincerity of our hearts, we want to be strong for people and even shield them from seeing our own weaknesses.

I’ve been reading the book of Nehemiah with my bible study team and my goodness! Nehemiah mirrors what a Diligent man is, what truly the bible speaks of, when it talks about a leader.

But in all his splendour, we see that Nehemiah does not deny the weakness of himself and that of the people He was leading to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.

In chapters 3 – 5, Nehemiah speaks of Himself and the people and how they were working to achieve this feat while also protecting themselves from the opposition. In acknowledging their weakness, what we see Nehemiah doing, is giving God room to be glorified, in speaking out about the areas they lacked and needed super powers, he showed us that even at their best, they still needed help in some areas.

Christianity is not your license to be strength itself, not even the strongest. It is not telling you to renounce or hide weakness, it is definitely not asking you to shield yourself to accommodate people around you.

It is more of a call to use those supposed weaknesses to the glory of God. To ride on the wings of the one true Superhero.

God is not glorified in our hiding of weaknesses, His glory comes when people see Him be your strength in those weak areas, so lets stop robbing God of the glory due Him in our attempts to be super human.


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