….is better than the devil you don’t know


Yesss, I made another blog post to complete the previous one!

I was reminded of the statement as I titled the previous blog post, and I think it is worth talking about.

How true is this statement? Is the devil we know really better than the devil we don’t know? I heard it for the first time in a movie where a mother was attempting to convince her daughter to marry a man who she had been with for 5 years but use to verbally abuse her, over a man who she recently met at work and had known only for a few weeks. Somehow, her mom sold her the idea that the man who verbally abused her but still loved her, was far better than the new chap who she was yet to know more about.

Subsequently, I heard it more, both in movies and real life and i’m tempted to believe that some of us actually harbour that thought in our hearts and heads.

But, this saying is the biggest motivator of mediocrity and a huge opposing force to faith!

It tells you to stick with what is familiar over trying to see something that might be better, just cause there’s also the probability that it might be worse. So we encourage people and even ourselves to stick with the one we know.

I might re-define faith for us to see again. It is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Emphasis on ‘Hoped for’ and ‘not seen’. Faith gives us the ability to believe and hope for the impossible, and believe with all our hearts that, that impossible is so much better than the present.

So when we encourage ourselves with sayings like this, we encourage ourselves to settle, to be ‘content’ in ‘this one’, so it does not get worse in our attempt to leave ‘this one’. ‘This one’ will vary with person and situation. We all know ‘the ones’.

The devil, from our last post uses this sometimes as well, to keep us from moving to places God has prepared for us, he fills us with fear of the future and fear of the unknown, and because we allow that fear settle in us, we cease to move until we see the entire picture, which half the time will never happen.

Faith moves without seeing the whole picture, but what makes it faith is that it has come in response to a Word from God. They work hand in hand.

The next time you hear this statement, or even by yourself think it, I want you to actually bind it! You’re not called to mediocrity! You’re here for so much more! Trust God and move as His Spirit guides you!

There’s an Instagram post on ‘Hearing from God’. You can check it out here.

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