The devil you know…

Lets gossip about the devil for a minute shall we…

I was thinking today, or should I say reminded, of how my best feelings are those of insufficiency and inadequacy. Please don’t judge me yet,

But you see, contrary to what the devil intends to use those feelings for, it ends up being times when i’m reminded of my weaknesses and needing God’s strength. Really, it is a reminder that I am human and in need of some supernatural ability, Grace.

It is also the greatest joy to know that God is not man and while man is capable of judging just the physical, God is able to see it all.

The devils biggest weapon is guilt and shame, and this is mostly because it is easy to get a human webbed there, it is also one involving the mind and will, which are the devils targets to sew his work. he uses our conscience against us if we let him, he tries to make us feel less than who God has made us to be and tell us all that we are not, all in an attempt to derail us from the course God has placed us on.

We’ll get stuff right, we’ll also make mistakes, we’ll feel shame and pain, we might also do the exact thing we said we wouldn’t, but in all, God remains same and stays there with arms wide open.

The next time you feel like you’ve failed, or lost a mark, or a bit inadequate or insufficient, let it be a reminder of the winning, accurate, adequate and sufficient God we serve. Don’t worry about the humans who only see the falling as well, they’ll come around. Your own is to be in right standing with God.

I felt that way right now, and it’s birthed this blogpost!

Dear satan, Thank you!

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