Pick me Please!

This title came to me while I was sat a lecture in Uni, and I remember I giggled out loud, completely oblivious to my environment.

There’s a group of people on twitter that they call ‘Pick me’ twitter. Basically, twitter believe that these set of people always design their tweets to appear like they are the best things that ever happened to this world and so, indirectly suggest that they be picked in whatever it is they are talking about. An example of a tweet that’d be termed ‘pick me’ is – “A Man should always come home to find food that his wife has cooked, I don’t know what women of these day’s are doing, i’ll never do that to my husband”. – A relationship example.

-“A boss should be allowed to call his employee in and demand progress with any project at any time, besides we should always be on top of our game, at least a few of us know this” – A Career example.

It is very easy to get caught up in this category, once you somehow admit to a thing amazing or great about you or something you’ve learnt over the years and have now become an expert in, automatically, you’re a ‘pick me’ tweep.

Forgive me for this next statement but I don’t think social media should be for everyone, I genuinely feel like some people aren’t mature enough, psychologically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually for the kind of things that go on there and so I have my strong reservations with the idea of how free and accessible social media is, because daily people are hurting themselves by what they’re getting exposed to, but hey, that’s not the point of this post.

But before I continue, I just wanted to say that you should not allow people bully you out of celebrating your wins by calling you ‘pick me’ person. Be proudly pick-me, but obviously in a wise and humble manner.

I got reminded of all this while reading Acts 13:2;

While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

This was when some of the disciples and apostles got together to pray after Jesus had ascended and they had been charged with The Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations.

To give context to the verse above, they had all done what they needed to do, they came together to pray some more for the journey ahead and then the Holy spirit asks them to separate 2 from amongst them for the work He had called them to do. I don’t know how some of us might read this but the first thought I had was about the way the other ‘unpicked’ disciples had felt. Were they completely excited at the idea that the Holy Spirit wanted just Barnabas and Saul for this particular project? or were some of them internally harbouring  thoughts of why they had been picked and not them, I mean, anointing is not about quantity right?

So why did the Holy Spirit choose them and not me?

I think it is a question Christians of today battle with daily, we see the Holy spirit manifesting in certain ways in the lives of other people on the same journey with us and were internally probing the Holy spirit on why we have not been picked. We end up hurting ourselves first and then the body of Christ, by allowing the devil leverage on those silent complaints in our hearts.

I know we say often that God works with the available and not the most anointed or the most qualified and not even the most disciplined. He takes the available and makes Him every other thing He wants Him to be.

In this case, all of these disciples probably fell under the category of ‘The available’, so were all available, how does God now choose?

I’m afraid the only answer God gave to me was ‘My sovereignty’, God’s sovereignty is His reservation to do what He thinks best, to use who He thinks best and to work out that which He thinks best, it is not subject to human involvement or even angelic deliberations, solely on His decision of what works best, which later on, we also see is actually the best, even for us.

We can work with God so closely to the point where were totally surrendered to His sovereignty, we don’t mind too much of who He decides to use or how He decides to go about something, we’re just focused on the one He has given us and Joyful at the work He is doing through the other members of the body. We can’t do God ‘Pick me’, all we can do is be available by sitting at His feet, and even when He looks and sees us all at His feet, whomever He decides to pick is completely fine with us because we trust totally that He knows and sees best.

Like the disciples who gathered together when the Holy Spirit spoke, the next verse said that “They placed their hands on them and sent them off”.

Let this be our attitude as well, physically and also the attitude of our hearts when God picks and it is not us.

Let’s trust God’s knowledge of the best always.

pick me

Have a lovely weekend will you! x

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