Are eggs scared of getting crushed?


I woke up this morning with a horrible memory of the unfortunate event that happened on the morning of my birthday this year, I had just had a shower and got dressed and my plan was to get to the store to pick up a few other things for the day, as well as the next day, seeing as it was a sleepover thing.

I had planned pancakes for breakfast the following day and assessing the stock in the house, I realised more eggs were definitely needed.

So as per the plan, I got out and did my shopping, made sure to get the 12 crate-eggs as I had planned to. I got home, thankfully, I got some help lifting out the stuff from the car and taking them in, so when we got to the kitchen, I retrieved the other bags from the very kind person and turned and placed it on a counter without caring too much of what was in what bag, I looked at my wrist watch, and with a very satisfied proud smile, I was right on time!.

In my mental celebration, I heard a horn from the gate and I knew it was my sister who was to come help me set up that was here, so my excitement heightened, before I could enjoy this happiness, I heard a very horrible sound that meant only one thing, something had dropped out of what I purchased and had hit the ground.

There were so many things in those bags, I didn’t understand why it had to be the eggs, but yes, the entire crate was now on the floor, with ever single one of the eggs smashed and the content of the shells every where around the area it had dropped on.

But no, nothing could spoil my day.

I was reminded of this event when I read again the story of David and Goliath this morning, I was reminded of the words of David, with emphasis on the last sentence ;

David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied

-“…whom you have defied”.

I wanted us to see that David or the Israelite’s didn’t own the issues the Philistines had brought them, despite being the ones suffering whatever oppression it was, David made it clear that they were defying God and not even them and I thought it was amazing that they saw oppression and opposition to them as oppression and opposition to God, and I began to think, if we understood that ‘It is not I who lives now, but Christ in me’, if we understood this clearly, it’ll be had for us to take or give offence, we’ll realise that when people do stuff to us, they’re doing it to God, when we do stuff to others, we’re also doing it to God in them, we’ll be more conscious of how we speak and relate to people because it isn’t just them you’re relating with, but God, and so, we won’t be scared of offence, we won’t be scared of being disrespected, we won’t be scared of getting told off, because beyond us being the physical recipients, the God on your inside is also a recipient, And so, we’re never scared of getting crushed, why? Cause Something uncrushable lies within.

Ideally, when I got home with my eggs, Like my mother always does, I should’ve separated the eggs from the other things because I realise how fragile it is and placed it where it needed to be. My mother does this first always, when she goes shopping and gets back, I knew this, but I didn’t do it.

The egg ‘knows’ its nature and it is also ‘aware’ that you should be aware of it’s nature and handle it with the care it requires and so, it is not scared that it will be mishandled, and even in a case where it is mishandled and crushed, the person in question is the one who suffers it as I did.

This is sort of how we are to God, His precious eggs, remember the psalm of David, “… He leads me in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake”!, God has an identity in us, we’re carrying His name and Himself and so while He’s faithful to us cause we’re His children, He’s also faithful to us because He cannot deny Himself!!!

This gives us a Godfidence that we cannot get anywhere else, It gives us the knowledge of Who and what is on the inside of us, It eliminates any kind of fear or doubt that might come from the world because we know that like a normal person protects and gives priority to their newly purchased eggs, God also protects and gives priority to You!, His Precious egg.

When I realised early on in my Christian life that I could report people to God, ahh, the game changed, I use to now be praying that nobody will do anything negative to me because you’ll be contending with my God and not even me and that allowed me take myself out of the situation, although being human, I do still sometimes take and give offence, but when I get to the full mastery of this truth, even that taking and giving offence will cease.

I want us to do this week knowing how precious and cared for we are, be the egg and know who’s name is on you, and so even if they drop and crush you, it is to the detriment of whoever that has dropped and crushed as it was in the case of David and the Israelite’s who carried the name of the Lord.

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