Your Best Version


I sat in church this evening and realised how predictable this life was intended to be, especially in relation to us and the idea of ‘the best way to cruise through life’. (ps. that would make such an amazing book title), but funny how if I saw such a book in a store, knowing myself, i’ll think it too cheesy and walk away, but my type are not the majority so maybe it could actually stand a chance!.

I sat and realised how in the best every version of Rubie, I will look like Jesus. In the best ever idea of success, it’ll be how I’ve used my impact and influence to contribute to the kingdom and then I realised how this world is what corrupts us into believing that there’s more to it, that it is a lot more complicated than we think it is when it is really not.

So basically, at any point in your life when you look in a mirror and see an image of Jesus, that’s all, game over, the work is compete!. So really, since we know what our best version looks like already in the revealed word (The bible), why do we go about fantasising about some rock and roll Rubie in one random place in the Caribbeans sipping on a peach-flavoured Chapman?

None of these imaginations will be wrong in their context but it’ll be wrong to imagine them as the best version of me because I already have a picture of what the best version of me should look like.

If we also see results from patterns and principles in the bible, aren’t those like what they call ‘tips’ or ‘cheats’ in games that help make steps easier for you?

The patterns and principles we see in the bible are exactly those, (although i’d rather we called them tips than cheats, lol). They’re there to show and tell you all the options available as well as the paths leading to the result of each option. What else are we looking for again? (Not to make it sound like ABC), but do you realise how much more simply this could make our lives? realising that we know already what we should look like in the best versions of ourselves and we’ve been handed case studies of different paths to different destinations, on top, given the free will to choose the path to take.

This is why Bible reading is not a debate for any person wanting to grow spiritually, let’s pick up this book, together with the Holy spirit at work in us and walk into what we already know is our best version. All the cute vacation imaginations in our heads our valid, but they’re not the best version of you, however close it comes.

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