The Realist, the optimist and the spiritual person

A big disadvantage of our society, which is even worsened and amplified in our generation is the idea that one fits in a certain box in different areas of life, it only explains why someone says something and you hear stuff like ‘you’re being too optimistic’ or ‘why can’t you be realistic?’ or sometimes ‘there’s nothing spiritual about this’. All these sayings say more about the people they come from then the people they are directed to.

You’ll see someone as not being realistic because you can’t see the possibility side like they do, you’ll see someone being too optimistic because you’re focused more on the possible problems that could arise rather than the actual good that could come of it, similarly, when someone explains something from the spiritual perspective, someone telling them not to spiritualize it is them acknowledging their inability in that moment to see it from that angle.

So we all resort to accepting what we know and making any opinion different from ours ‘not realistic’, ‘too optimistic’ or ‘over-spiritualizing the matter’.

The most rounded individuals are those able to see it from all rounds without still comprising your stance. Don’t be bullied into anything by either of the statements above, as you might have seen, the best teams are those who had a representative of each extreme.

Now, notice that I’ve said the ‘most rounded individuals’ up there, now, for the Spirit-led person, which is a rounded person with the Spirit of God, I needed to correct the ideology that a spiritual person is one who never sees things as they are in reality and so I find a lot of Christians confused on if they’re realists or just always optimistic ‘hiding under the cover of God has got us covered’.

Our faith as christian never bring us to deny reality, rather, not to settle in it, it definitely also doesn’t teach us to lie about it, what it does is show us what Our God has said or done about a particularly situation and encourages us to hold on to that hope that He could do the exact same thing should He decide to. As such, you will find that most Christians might be guilty of always being optimistic, and hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, so we don’t have to constantly defend our belief that something will always turn out for the best.

On the flip side, some people  are just naturally more taken by facts and logic, yet they still share the same faith as we do, this doesn’t make them less spiritual or lacking faith, it just shows once again that variety of people I spoke of at the beginning of this blog post. The Spirit of God is one, He finds expression in us differently but His gifts in us are consistent, so despite His different manifestation in us, we can identify Him through the gifts and fruits portrayed.

Realist, pessimist, or optimist doesn’t really matter much to God, He’s most concerned with how you’re growing in Him and His plans for you even if sometimes this might include having to change your outlook on things. Let’s be people that are Spirit-led, this just means looking at things always from God’s perspective, it it always appears good, fam! Take it like that.


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