Finding the 1 or reducing the 99?

No matter where you are right now, you should take a deep breath and remind yourself that indeed, ‘It’s a beautiful time to be alive’. Not because of what is going on around you right now, but that the Creator and One who orchestrates the universe thought it good that you be alive this moment!. (If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what will).


Walking down the street this afternoon, I was thinking about the blacks and whites of life, how most human beings tend to see things this way and also classify people this way as well. Philosophers call the classification of anything into black or white as ‘false dichotomies’. Generally this is how the human brain works, it takes a deliberate attempt and discipline to train it to begin to see things differently.

My thoughts changed gears before I could get to a destination to how I’ve been recruited as a believer to join the 99, looking for the lost 1, and I began to think to myself if I really was doing that. In doing my own evaluation and assessment I got a lot of light and realisations and I decided to encourage you reading to also get on this train. Assess the responsibility you’ve been given in looking for the lost 1.

I wondered the link between these 2 thoughts as you might be thinking and I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that it was a false dichotomy. That we were either actively finding the lost 1 or we were reducing the existing 99. And this reduction could either be you drifting away from the other 98, or you leading astray a 1 in the 99 and thus reducing the fold to 98.

We’ve been commissioned and empowered to join the search party of the lost 1, not to fight amongst our 98 brothers/sisters or walk away and make the pack now begin searching for 2 and not 1 again.

How seriously are we taking this responsibility?

Please refer to this link to understand what the 1 and the 99 stand for. It is a parable in the bible that helps us understand how we were once the lost 1, and how we’ve been saved to now join the 99 in searching for the other lost 1.

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