This Guy thinks we’re a joke

A lot of times, we read the bible at face value, we read it with a mindset of it being too sacred to be imagined and so while we get into the characters and lives of the people we read about in novels, I doubt people often do the same for characters of the bible and it often robs us of the full experience.

This morning, anyone who was close to my room would think I was actually mad, I was literally laughing out loud and trying my best not to disturb too much as it was about 6am. I was reading the encounter of Jesus first miracle at the wedding in Cana and it just cracked me up too much.

You can read the full story here.

But here’s my favourite part, After it had been declared that the wine had finished, Jesus mother says to the stewards there to do whatever Jesus asks them to do. So, my guess is that they were already preparing who was going to buy the fresh wine and if it was that they will make it themselves, they were deciding who would go to the vineyard and pick the grapes.

Suddenly, Jesus looks at them and says “guys please get the pots and fill them with water”.

I bet you, I was not there but I actually know that a whole 10 seconds after this words were said was a moment of silence and all of them sharing looks with themselves attempting to double check that they had all heard properly.

Kinda like “So wine has finished in this wedding and this man we’ve been told to obey said we should fill the pots with water”. If I were one of them, I know the next thing I would do is go back to meet Mary, so she can hear what her Son just asked me to do. (But thank God none of them was like me).

In all their hesitation and fear, they went and filled the pots with water, probably ran back to tell Jesus that water was now in the jars, “so can you now give us the money to buy the wine or send us to a vineyard to pick and press the grapes”?

Then Jesus actually bursts their brain and goes “fetch from a jar and go and serve the Master of ceremony“, by the way, those days, the Master of ceremony wasn’t the MC or the person moderating the event, it was like the Chairman of the occasion that was referred to as the Master of ceremony.

Once again, I am certain that this stewards were thinking “Oh God, this man is making a joke of us today”. They probably left his presence and went backstage to argue who will be the one to give the cup to the Master of ceremony, probably even played a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who this unfortunate lot will fall on and lo and behold, the last man standing was picked and He had to go present the Cup of wine to the Chairman of the ceremony.

Mind you, those days, I really doubt they had transparent glass cups, they probably had special occasion cups but they couldn’t have been transparent so even if the water had changed to wine in their presence, they could not have known, and we’re not actually told if the miracle of water to wine happened in the pot, on the journey to the chairman, or at the instance of the water hitting the mouth of the chairman. But what I know is that the person who served the wine hurried away quickly after serving the chairman, so that in case he tastes it and wonders what is going on, He won’t be there to partake in the quarrel.

Love how amidst the hesitation, deliberation and deep concern, they still obeyed and as the story plays out, the best wine was commended after the chairman had tasted what He had been served.

My prayer this morning went thus “May my obedience be as courageous as the men who went to serve the master of ceremony water even without knowing when or how it had been turned to wine, may I be that trusting of God“.

It is so important that we learn this level of obedience because half the time, God actually moves as such, leaving us thinking howwwww! after He is done.

Obedience remains God’s love language!



Jesus ; “Go and serve the Master of ceremony”

The stewards ;


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