Imperfect human love

If you cast your mind to the person you love the most this moment and the extent you would go for this person’s convenience, wouldn’t you marvel as how it is possible to love a person to that level?

Some of you would even out-rightly die to save that person if you had to, so you could pretty much be Jesus just for that person should a need arise. (but Sorry to burst your bubbles, Jesus has died once and for all, so thanks for offering yourself for that person).

I was reading on Samuel’s journey to Jesse’s house to anoint the next King after God had rejected Saul. In reading, my view was distracted by the realisation of the imperfect love of humans which I hope you catch in this post.

The bible says that when Samuel arrived, Jesse had prepared his 7 older sons to walk past him so he could decide which one of them was next to be King of Israel. Whether as an oversight or intentionally, we don’t know but David, the youngest didn’t get the memo to prepare for the prophet’s coming. He seemed to carry on with his daily activities in tending his father’s sheep out in the field.

One could dismiss Jesse’s action as hoping his older sons would be king first or that maybe it was according to merit which obviously qualified the first 3 seeing as they were already soldiers in the current army, but if Jesse loved David the way we see, with how protective he was of him and his destiny, one would wonder why he didn’t consider that David just might be crowned king, which explains why he didn’t bother informing David that Samuel was coming to anoint a king today in their house.

So I began to think, how easily we could end up in this shoes, keeping the best from the people we say we love the most without being conscious of it and while thinking on it, I realised that it is actually so for a purpose. To open our eyes to how insufficient and imperfect human love is.

It took me to also understanding why men and women in the most flourishing relationships with the best partners still don’t feel secure enough, they don’t feel loved enough despite all the love showered on them that is obvious to the blind eye and then it hit me that human love was never meant to satisfy us. We were never meant to think of the love another human has for us and feel satisfied. It is only the love of God that is designed to secure us to the level that we desire to be secured.

It is why My first advice to dating persons is never to seek security, happiness or love in its entirety from the other person in question. The love from the person is an extra to complement us even further.

Jesse’s actions reveal how inadequate human love is and while we can convince ourselves of the extent we will go for the ones we love the most, there are the gaps which we might not see now that only God’s love can cover for.

Settling in God’s love should be the starting point for any believer, if not, anything else done outside of this love is considered works. I shared on my whatsapp story yesterday of the 4 words that was used to described God’s love in Steffanys’ Pieces song. They were; unreserved, unrestrained, uncontrolled and uncontained.

Our love at its best is neither of these four things so lets surrender to God’s love and experience the one true perfect love. Love that is unique and without rival.


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