knew, know, known

There’s a reason we call God the ‘Author and the Finisher, the Alpha and the Omega’. Most times, we remember and call Gods names in prayer and I think we forget the meanings of these names because each carry its own might if we dive into its full revelation.

I sit with inquisitive Christians and non-Christians alike often and one of the biggest questions they always ponder on is ‘why God didn’t save Adam and Eve when He knew they were going to sin and why He allowed the children of Israel wait that long for the Messiah to come’. And often in discussing these things, I find that people actually think God operates like us, moment by moment, limited by only what we see in the present and is also hoping about what is to come, because it will only explain why we question His sovereign decision to sit back and watch the world unfold as it did.

When we call God the Alpha and the Omega, it means the one who has seen the end from the beginning. As a matter of  fact, I sat under the teaching of a man of God once and He actually explained it saying that God does not start what He has not already finished. He is that knowing and present across the past, present and future. 

Jesus Christ was always the plan. God did not invent the idea when Adam and Eve sinned. He had planned long before they sinned that ‘Jesus will bring redemption to my creation’. He would save them from their sins and reunite them back with me, hence the full access we now enjoy reaching the Father.

Understanding why he didn’t stop Eve from collecting and eating that apple is a post that i’ll focus on one of these days as it is quite extensive and also includes a bit of theology relating first to God’s sovereignty and the principles that God works with which includes not going back on His word or His person.

But the absence of this understanding right now is not a hindrance to grasping that God is such a planner that before He starts a thing, the end of the thing has already been established. I’ll also cast our minds to a verse in my favourite psalm that says;

“Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.” – Psalm 139:16

This verse is also an indication of God’s intentional plan for our lives that he has ordained each day even before they have come to be. I don’t know if this helps you, but it helps me in reminding myself daily that my day has been scripted, and as long as I walk in step with the Holy Spirit, He leads me according to that script which was written by the most loving and all knowing Father.

This knowledge brings a sort of liberation to know that whenever God calls you into something, He’s seen the end of the matter already and so despite facing difficulties through the process, there’s the assurance that its end is glorious just by the nature of the person who’s called you in.

When next you find yourself praying and saying ‘The Alpha and the Omega’ or ‘The beginning and end’, allow your mind delve into the full meaning of these phrases, because the knowledge of the phrases in themselves hold power.


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