Ever wondered why you?

I have been amazed in the last few days at God, that in all of His beautiful creation, it was man He chose to make in His image and love in the manner that He loves us.

Theologians describe us as Gods highest creation and from the look of instructions given to Adam in Genesis, we indeed are called to dominate and rule over all other creation. Amidst all of the created, we were the only ones referred to as Masterpiece. God trusted His image and likeness this much to rule over the earth efficiently which explains why He placed it on us.

I don’t think we are doing justice to Gods image and likeness, looking all around you will show that there has been a diluted display of God’s likeness and an exchange of His image for other images that humans now bear.

It only explains the atrocity and appalling events of society in general.

On the flip side, we have been prepared for this. God’s word gives us clues and prepares us for these times, that “when humans have denied my likeness and image and have chosen to erect their own images and likeness, this and this will happen”. So while it is not a shock to us, it has brought us, me particularly to a place of deep thought of the kind of love that God must have for us.

I don’t know if you’ve imagined it, creating your best work ever and having your initials or full name boldly written on or around it so that anyone who draws near to it knows immediately that this is a work of this person and then suddenly, your said masterpiece chooses to adjust itself however it pleases and looses that for which it was called a masterpiece and suddenly people are looking at it and disappointed in you.

Often, I really see humanity so, that we were given the best and highest likeness and yet we live like those without an image. We’ve allowed self become the rulers of us and thus have allowed ourselves do as we please.

All of these thoughts have led me back to a posture of surrender, for mercy and in worship. That in spite of how we’ve represented His image, He still loves us so. I don’t know what else might possibly bring you to a place of heartfelt worship like this revelation of such love!

God choosing us is such a gift that we have to daily recognise. How do you treat gifts you receive? with excitement and honour isn’t it? We need to identify this gift of God to us again and be a little more excited and honouring of it, which will be evident in the way we treat ourselves and others all around us, and transcend to our view of the world and the seasons we are in currently.


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