“Give me options!”


There’s absolutely nothing more beautiful than having options. In fact, you find that the more the options, the sweeter it is. I’ve also realised that options are to a large extent, an indication of blessing. That you aren’t just served one thing against your will but get to choose and pick which sits with you, I think it is an indication of a blessing.

I’ll be careful to note though that not all blessings are from God and not all things we consider blessings are from or of God, so my reference to blessings here is secular. Could either be the blessing of God or otherwise.

Bringing it home, we find that we’re in such a phase at the moment in the christian society, we call it ‘buffet Christianity‘, where you’re given the opportunity to pick and choose what parts of Christianity you’d adhere to and what parts you just don’t like. And it is funny cause we seem to do it based on our understanding, we understand something that benefits us and we accept it, otherwise, it remains a ‘grey’ area to us.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself producing a lot of content on recognising that Christianity actually has a standard. It is not something volatile or ever changing. There is a standard that we are expected to conform to. Yes, I said it! Conform.

We have been called to conform to the image of Christ which is the one sinless person who the father calls his first born, and similar to our earthly families, the first born ideally should be a model, it doesn’t always turn out that they are the best but it is expected that the first born leads the younger ones in the way that they should go.

So for us, Jesus is the model and that means that our lives be evaluated against His own almost as often as we remember. We don’t have the luxury to choose what we apply in our lives and what we don’t, if Christianity was a buffet, its rule to attending it would be that everyone must be served everything even though the options appear.

I’ve been watching this buffet Christianity cause all forms of controversy in the faith and we’re not adhering to God’s desire that we be one in unity as He is with the son and I sat thinking to myself, “What really has caused this?” and I hear in response that “Christians think they can pick what they eat here” and i’m like, “but God, choice is actually a beautiful thing” and He goes “with anything but your living. With your living, you have a one standard“.

It has made me realise that it is something we must daily remind ourselves, that we actually don’t get to choose to be who we want to be daily, we wake up each day and decide consciously to be Christ like in all of our dealings. This will go a long way in channelling some of our subjective opinions to God’s word to know and study what Jesus stand was on a lot of issues and not arguing from our place of misunderstanding and subjective opinions.

Whenever knowledge is scarce, controversy is expected, so the antidote to controversy is knowledge, knowledge and not information. You can have information about a person and not have knowledge of the person. Information doesn’t always equate to knowledge.

It’s my prayer daily that I wake up and deny myself, take up my cross and follow Jesus, I think the more we are, the more unity we will come to.

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