P raise to power 4

I think there is a line I would be known for among people who have heard me preach or teach. I say often that ‘God takes prepared people to prepared places‘. I came to this conclusion after looking at the people God walked with and how He took them from who they were to who He wanted them to be.

God never took an unprepared person to a prepared place and neither did He take a prepared person to an unprepared place. Rather what He did was that when He identified His vessel, He took them through a preparatory period to prepare them so that when they arrived at the prepared places, there was no possibility of abuse. Because that is what happens when an unprepared person gets to a prepared place, they abuse the people, resources and the place because they have not be equipped to handle it properly as a result of the skipped or ignored preparatory phase.

Recently, I was listening to a sermon by Apostle Selman and I think He said the same thing but in different words. He said ‘There are certain mistakes that great men don’t make in the open‘ and he said this after explaining that the preparatory period leading up to where God is taking a person to is the time to make certain mistakes that you cannot afford to make when you get to where God is taking you, if not, making that mistake at the arrived destination could literally cost you all the years you have prepared to get there.

So yes, Prepared People to Prepared Places. PPPP

How much are you yielding to preparatory periods? How conscious are you of the phases that you go through and what God is intending to teach you in those phases? It is so important that we stay conscious of  God in every period of our lives because the intentional nature of God does not allow Him do anything without an intention or motive.

I ask people very often these days, “what is God currently teaching you?” or “what are you learning in this phase of your life?” and it is shocking to find that most people don’t readily have an answer to it because they are not conscious of the fact that there is a lesson in every stage of life when you’re walking with God.

Remember the time when David was out tending his fathers sheep, and in the course of protecting them, he was killing lions and bears and probably other animals who tried to attack his fold. In that moment, he had to have known that God was preparing him for something greater, God was using his tending of sheep to sharpen his protective, sling and stone game for the time when he stood before Goliath. God was also using his phase in the palace of playing the harp for Saul to teach him how to rule a kingdom for the time when he would seat as King of Israel.

With us Christians, there is no coincidence, only divine ordination and divine positioning and if you believe that with everything in you, you will be more conscious of all that God is brewing in you at this phase of your life.

So, without any condemnation, pressure or an attempt to guilt trip you, What is God teaching you in this phase of your life?


2 thoughts on “P raise to power 4

  1. Amikah✨ says:

    This reminds me of a comment from Pastor Mike Todd in his June series, Marked. He reflected on David’s journey. But when he was specifically looking at 1 Samuel 17:40, he said, David was tooled by God in the season he was facing. David was able to step onto his platform because he didn’t despise the place he was in.

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