New second, New me

In a previous post swooning about the Barnabas award we received, one of the questions I was asked was what I had currently learnt or what had God recently shown me and that week particularly, I had been led to read the book of Hebrews while reading a faith based book, but for that day I was focusing on chapters 7 and 8. So as soon as I got up, I reached out for my journal and pen and got studying.

I didn’t know when at just verse 12, I had written 2 full pages in my journal and I promised in that blog post to share an excerpt of the message once the Holy spirit had finished teaching me what it was all about and why it came so strongly.

I’m back to fulfil my promise, but while I share this, I strongly advise Christians to spend time reading the book of Hebrews. It is so so powerful!

Hebrews 7 Verse 12 says ;

“For when the priesthood is changed, the law must be changed also”

For context, it would be helpful to read the entire chapter. But I’ll focus on this verse in this post.

If I wanted to bring this verse down to our level, I’ll use countries who run democracies where the President is the Head of state. Usually, when a new president comes into power, He has to present his governments intended agenda for his tenure to the country so that the people can be in the know of all that he intends to accomplish in the time that he has been given.

Agenda’s vary with persons and so you find that depending on the agenda of a person, people vote for the people they feel more strongly about with regards their agendas.

In the exact same way that the law changes with a change of the priesthood, and agenda’s of Presidents change with the change of presidents, Lifestyles also change with the change of a man.

When our nature is changed through salvation, what we live by (our laws) must change as well. Our new nature must be reflected by our new way of living.

One of the things that was happened by Jesus death on the cross is that the level of ‘corporateness’ in dealing with man reduced. We see often in the old testament that God used prophets and priests to speak to the whole nation of Israel, God sent word corporately to them, but by salvation, God relates more with us on an individual level, Man-to-God level.

It is not that He is not pleased to relate with us corporately, as a matter of fact, He still does sometimes, but He saw that the power would not come from the partially submitted multitude, but rather, from the individual ones who submit wholly. As we all individually come to the truth that our lifestyle must change because we are new creations, power is released and when we gather corporately, there is even greater power that abounds

Jesus came and broke the chains and complexities, He simplified the flow.

Rather that God > Priest > You, He made it God & You together (The spirit of God living inside man).

With this new change must follow a change of laws which means a change of lifestyle that must be evident even to the blind.

Away with the “It is God who sees my heart” and “My salvation is personal”, The new man is reflected by a change in nature of the old man. Let’s be intentional about this change that the comes with the new law (new lifestyle).


7 thoughts on “New second, New me

  1. herrychiccounsels says:


    More reason why Paul emphasized that “if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things have gone away, behold ALL things have become new”.

    We can’t claim to be saved and not be born again – BORN ANEW

    Thanks for sharing this ma’am. ❤

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