Where’s the sin in that?

I really wanted to share more on the reference I made to a game I play with my friends in a previous blog post.

I’m sharing cause I need us to understand that in pruning us, a lot of times, it isn’t just the sin God plunges from us, some normal non-harmful habits which bring us pleasure  might also be asked to go, because maybe God has seen in the future where it will cause us to fault or has identified a pattern that the habit is brewing in us that might one day stand against something He will have us do.

Because of how intentional God is with us, we’ll get to a point where we understand that it is not just the bad that is stripped away, sometimes, we’ll be told to let somethings go that really aren’t really bad in themselves.

There’s a game I play with my friends called prentender, its so much fun and very engaging and honestly, playing it wouldn’t hurt a fly, however, a key skill in this game is that you must master the art of pretending with both your actions and facial expressions so usually, the one who wins the game or who becomes a master at it can be seen as one who’s really good at pretending as this is an intricate prerequisite to play the game.

I had been playing the game all year and then some time in June, while at a friends house alone, I heard God say “you have to stop playing pretender“, it was so loud and clear. And honestly, I didn’t have to ask why cause that was a bit obvious. Pretender, even just being a mere game was teaching people to wear facades and also creating distrust amongst us without us even realising it.

Honestly, when people say the God-thing is too much, times like this, I can understand because really, it is just a game! But if this is messing with my character, my loving Father deems it fit to get me to eliminate it.

This is not going to be the only mundane activity or task in my life that I’ve had to do away with for the sake of my salvation and half the time, explaining it to some people does not seem to make sense, but it is part of the “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me“. Following Jesus will discipline you to understand that it is not just the bad things you put away, but also the things we do which add no value to us or counter in the smallest way, Gods work in our lives.

Some of us pray often for God to reveal an area of sin in our heart and lives, a higher call is also to pray He reveals aspects of your life and habits which hinder your full potential in Him. Stay sensitive to the Spirit and conscious of His work in your life.


That’s a real picture of us playing the game loool!

5 thoughts on “Where’s the sin in that?

  1. Odunowo Olufunmilayo says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the part of explaining to someone that what looks harmless is what my Father has told me to stop. I’m still trying to get myself to stop some things but I know it will work out in good time.
    Thank you for sharing 😁

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