Capacity first

I’ve read articles and books of people attempting to explain away the frequency and occurrence of miracles in our times. They have claimed that as a result of Jesus death and resurrection, His ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit, ground-breaking miracles have ceased and we’ve been left with just the natural and not the supernatural as we read about in the bible.

At the same time, I have come to see the miracles in every mundane thing in life. Going out and coming back in, eating and being able to swallow without choking, studying for long hours without having a nervous or mental breakdown, all of this and more are miracles that happen daily around us that we don’t tend to give enough attention to but then it makes sense that people don’t count these as miracles, if our definition of miracle is the occurrence of the impossible and the sight of the invincible.

My faith has never allowed me believe that God won’t do some of the miracles He did through men in the bible, as a matter of fact, I’ve allowed myself believe that its a growth process and with time, dedication and desire, those things could also happen through our hands in these times.

God is going to fill every man based on 2 factors; the capacity the man avails to Him and the level of hunger/desire that a vessel demonstrates through their actions. God will never withhold Himself from us and the more this truth becomes a reality to us, the more we’ll see that our level of spiritual growth is totally up to us.

God wants to do all that needs to be done to get as many souls as possible saved from the snare of the enemy, if part of what He needs to do is release the healing anointing as was on Elijah’s bones, or part a sea as Moses did or even repair perfectly the cut ear of a human as Jesus did, He will do all of it. The real question is are we capable of receiving this level of power? Are we trained enough to receive it and not abuse it? are we wise enough to maintain and sustain it by the spiritual exercises required to remain tapping into the power of the kingdom?

These and many more are questions that we must ask ourselves.

At the beginning of this year, in my retreat leading up, I started to pray and I said to God that “2019 for me, was not a year for too much talk, it was a year for demonstration”, I told God as Paul did that I didn’t want to go to the world with excellency of speech, I wanted to go with a demonstration of power and till now, I still pray that prayer. So many things beyond me have happened this year and it has only proven to me that God is ready to release this power, but are we able to receive it?

Power is not meant to destroy its vessel, rather it’s suppose to empower the vessel, if God sees that a release of His power will destroy us, He will withhold it, just cause of love for us, but He desires to let the world see Him, His power and His glory through us, but the question is are we ready?


3 thoughts on “Capacity first

  1. Leonie M. says:

    God works in His supernatural power to all those who trust, faith, and love Him. But above all else who accept him into their hearts. In the Old Testament, God speaks through prophets and through dreams with the concerned person. A miracle happens to us every second in our lives because we live and breath and have life. Sometimes people look at something that pertains about material things.

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    • Fochwoman says:

      You’re so right Leonie, I totally agree with you, This entire life is a miracle and the more we stay conscious of it, the more we’ll be intentional about acknowledging it and being grateful to God for it!

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