Loud, Subtle Pride

Pride often is seen and talked about as an oblivious thing, most people talk and pray about it like they weren’t aware when it was being displayed in their character, even when we pray about it, we hardly mention instances when we were proud, we tell God to ‘Keep us far from pride’, ‘uproot pride in us’ or ‘help us so we are not proud in our dealings with people’.

I mean this is perfect and all, but I was thinking yesterday of the times when we realise our pride in the moment, the times when we’re conscious of the fact that we are not being humble, in those moments, what are we doing and what are we saying?

I was at an event yesterday, met some of my absolute favourite personnel’s in different industries in the country, so while fangirling my faves, I had a couple of girls walk up to me to ask if I was Rubie or Foch woman and when I said yes, some of them told me they followed me on social media or followed the blog and that got me really excited and happy, at some point, I started to feel like I shouldn’t be fangirling cause other girls we’re fangirling me and it was a thought I was very conscious of.

So I stopped and asked the Holy Spirit, what do I do, this has gotten to my head already and I was starting to feel more excited and in charge and those were red flags for my Spirit, so I genuinely feel like the Holy spirit sent a girl I had only met to ask me to take a walk with her and I did, we walked well away from the venue, had a drink at a nearby shop and sat and talked for some time, by the time I was done, I felt slightly refreshed and I returned back to my role at the event, being conscious of being as friendly as I normally would be towards everyone who approached me.

Pride is the last thing that should snatch us from God, it gives you a picture of yourself that you should not be having, it makes you think on one side that you’re better than everyone else and on the other side, that you’re not good enough, on both sides, one needs to be careful.

But I said to God that His children by default always attract attention because people always drift to what is uncommon and mysterious and usually the work of God in a mans life always appears so.

God took me to the story of the King of Babylon who would take all glory for Himself and not ascribe it to the One who it belonged to. God said that anyone who’s conscious that glory is not their own cannot be caught in pride. When we realise that it is never by our ability, intelligence, strength, personality, money or connections, we’ll know that there’s actually nothing to be proud about.

All the glory of and from our lives need to return back to God. It’s fine to be excited and happy about our achievements, but the Holy Spirit in us tells us immediately when it starts to border on pride, and in that moment, we have to call ourselves to order

Pride indeed can be subtle and crawl up on you, but other times, it is loud and you realise it and need to address it in that moment.


Surrendering all glory at all times.

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