Creating Father

An introductory relationship of God to every new believer will be Father to Child. You’ll find that one of first ways you’ll encounter God will be as His daughter/son. This is intentional because God introduces His son as the first of the begotten and not the only begotten anymore after Jesus died and resurrected, so we are siblings of Jesus and as such, we also experience God as Father.

I think it is also a relationship that a new convert will most identify with, having a loving Father who knows best and wants best for you. It is why a lot of converts always speak of an unusual kind of love they felt at the point where there gave their lives to Christ. I remember my encounter vividly, I was just 15 and I remember crying non stop at the realisation of how much God loves me.

As we grow, the relationship diversifies, we realise that beyond Father to us, He is so many other things and in our daily journey through life, we identify new persons that God is to us, most grow to also identify Him as friend, helper, healer, comforter, redeemer, etc. He is all these things and more.

But an aspect for God I’ve recently been open to is that of Him being Creator and I, the created. Even though I remain Daughter and He is Father, He is also Creator and I am the created, I also realise why i’m being open to this dimension of relationship, i’m going through seasons that I cannot question or complain, I am having to do things out of my comfort zone and approach people I would not normally approach, and unlike a Father to child relationship where I’ll stay and ask “Why why why God”, with this relationship, it’s just to pick up your feet and move. There’s no time for questioning or complaining, only time for obedience.

God is moving the church more in this direction, He is not ceasing to be our Father, but He is opening us to realising that we are the created and by that we learn to be totally surrendered to His call on our lives.

I went back to looking at the analogy of the Potter and the clay as well as the refiner who sits over the silver and gold and again, I find myself asking myself; Does the clay pot tell the potter how it wants to be moulded? or does the silver tell the refiner when it is tired of sitting over the purifying fire? No. This is never the case, the created is the one at the mercy of the creator and it trusts the creator that He knows exactly what He is doing.

While God is not a task master or boss who sits up there and orders us around, He is a Creator who has an intention for His creation and the faster we unlock this dimension of relationship, the more effective we will be in our walk and work on earth.


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