Enough evidence

I was at the hospital with my Nephew last week, he had a bacterial infection and had to be admitted for a few days to clear it out, one of the days I went to visit him, a nurse came in and took his urine samples twice and she went out and in another hour or two, the doctor came in with a file and papers that had a description of all she saw from the sample urine she got.

From the feedback she came back with, she was also able to prescribe more or less drugs for my nephew and also estimate the number of days left for him to be at the hospital.

I’ve seen this so many times before, I’ve also been sick before and had the doctor take a sample from my body, but on this day, the Holy spirit wanted me to grasp a lesson more strongly, He said “it’s also this easy for people to say whats within from what you bring out“.

Being humans, we’re unable to see the interior of a person, their heart precisely and so all we have is their words and actions, the things we can see, touch and relate to, sometimes with the help and gift of the Spirit, we might discern more. Because of this limitation, it is important that we deliberately bring out whats already within us in the way we speak and also act.

The bible says that By their fruits, you shall know them. Your fruit is a language if you didn’t know. I can easily tell what people have within by what I see outside. You can call it judgement, but its fine because first of all, I expect to be judged same way and secondly, the judgement comes from a place of love, not condemnation or comparison.

Don’t get caught up in “Its only God that sees my heart“. We’re also privileged to see your heart through your words and actions. A reminder that your outside is a deep reflection of your insides. So be truthful with yourself. What are habits you see on your outside that give you an indication that something is not right within.

Like my Nephews doctor, make resolutions and prescriptions to do better to be better, give yourself also a time frame to get out of these habits and lifestyle so you can look more like the Father.


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