The Open and Guarded heart

Happy New Year!, It’s the first post of 2020 and i’m so ecstatic and happy.

The first few days of the year have been beautiful, building habits I hope to develop through this year as well as dropping the ones I hope to lose at the end of the year. It’s been bumpy but definitely all worth it!

As always, God has been teaching me a lot through His Spirit in these first days of January, He’s been teaching me about ‘Perception’. I caught it while reading the creation story again, particularly the point where Adam and Eve fell for the deception of the serpent.

It occurred to me while reading that the tree they ate from had been in the garden with them since their creation. God had not used their imagination to show them the tree and tell them not to eat of it. It was a live demonstration. God showed them, probably pointing and said, eat of any tree at all but this one.

This settled well in both their hearts, I mean for a while. So every day, Eve strolled through her garden, admired the beauty God had made for them, saw the forbidden tree and probably reminded herself that God instructed that this should not be eaten of. Suddenly, a few chapters later, we find same Eve, partaking of the forbidden fruit and offering her husband who also gave in.

So I couldn’t help but wonder, as I always do, What changed? What made Eve eat it this time when she saw it, what made her silence her inner-man to submit to the words of the serpent?

And it began to occur to me that the serpent went for Eve’s perception of God’s word to her. She already had a word she had received from God, but the serpent was able to twist the way she saw that word which allowed her agree that what she was about to do was okay.

Then it hit me, till today, the devil is fighting our perceptions, he’s fighting every word of God given to us from the way we see it, he knows that if you can see it differently, you’ll make compromises. Why do you think that one minute you feel so strongly about something and the next you’re making excuses as to why it won’t even be that bad.

It’s the enemy working on our perceptions on what we’ve already heard from God, and it’s funny, because unlike the devil who says stuff to us numerous times, God most times, just says it once and He expects that we hold on to it and keep going, for however long.

God has been teaching me to guard and protect my God-given perceptions, He’s been showing me that if the enemy can change how I see it, he can make me do whatever he wants.

We have to Keep our hearts open, but also guarded. Don’t let the devil alter that which God has said to you.

fruity eve

2 thoughts on “The Open and Guarded heart

  1. lakeside4jesus says:

    Amen! I so agree with what you have written. Our perception can be as flawed as we are, with one of the major characteristics of it being our ability to take things for granted. I wonder if Eve somehow got complacent about her beautiful surroundings and therein began to forget the majesty of the One who created it. This is turn would make her more susceptible to the evil one.
    Pastor Chuck

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