Taking a bow to the year 2019

I said to myself that there was no way I was ending 2019 without a post, I’m glad it has even fallen on the last day of the year.

God is faithful. God has been faithful and if you’re getting to read this, you need to know that it is nothing but God’s faithfulness. I thought hard on what could be a final post for 2019 on the blog, I thought back to my most frequent conversations of this month and I thought it gave me a pretty good idea of what some people may be thinking at the end of the year, particularly we who are people of faith.

A lot of people didn’t say it out, but I sensed it in conversations and statements, only a few were bold enough to out-rightly come out and say “So I served God this year, I have nothing to show for it”, “I worshipped God and prayed more than I’ve ever done, and it made no difference”.

I have crazy respect for people who were bold to say it out because for those who didn’t, they might think God would be offended or angry hearing that, but honestly, He’s really not, and also, He heard it from your heart even if you didn’t say it out.

Maybe you didn’t meet any of your goals this year, maybe you were at your lowest this year; mentally, emotionally, financially and otherwise. Maybe a lot more horrible things happened this year than they’ve ever done before, but honestly, YOU CANNOT, SHOULD NOT LOOK AT GOD THROUGH THOSE LENS.

Your serving God was honoured in heaven, your prayers, consistency and discipline was also noted, but there’s no exempt from life because you served God more, all that really happened was a change of heart and mind to see, perceive and understand from heaven’s perspective even in the times it hurt the most.

Here’s my plea to you for 2020, do more. Serve God more, discipline yourself more, pray more, spend more time in the word’, go to fellowships more, but this time, not for God, but for yourself. I think you’ll only think God should’ve blessed you for all you did this year cause you walked with Him because you’ve not fully grasped that the benefit is for you and not even for Him.

You’ll encounter low moments in the coming year too, but in those times, rather than blame God and push Him aside, draw closer and be honest about how you feel. He’s God, but He’s also Father and friend. God remains good in spite of all that has and will happen. Let that settle in the deepest part of you.

God loves you, He’s crazy about you and more than anything, He’s looking forward to walking closely again with you in this coming year, remember we’re the ones limited and ruled by time? While it’s a new year for us, for God it’s just another moment, so make it a lovely moment for Him, seeing as He takes delight in His children who obey Him.

I’m excited for the coming year. I really am and i’m hopeful that we’ll all term it our best year yet!

Whatever it is that’s a source of concern or worry now, just pause it and relive the best moments of the last year because ‘Thus far, the Lord has helped us‘.


Happy New Year! *hugssssss*

5 thoughts on “Taking a bow to the year 2019

  1. Rosebud says:

    Happy New Year, Rubie.
    God really is good. One thing that I carried through the latter half of 2019 is the fact that God promised that He would be with us, even to the end of the age, and God never ever goes back on His promises.
    That’s what I’m going into 2020 with.
    That, and the consciousness of relationship between God and me. The consciousness that God is ready to roll up His sleeves and get into the nitty gritty of my life with me.
    Ah, I’m gushing all over your comment section.

    Liked by 1 person

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