The reminder in the burn

I burnt my fingers a couple of days ago, 3 of them on my right hand, two of the burns were on the palm side of my fingers, one was on the skin part of my finger. The one of the skin part just got a blister after a few hours, but the one of the palm side just swoll up a bit and then it became numb.

It has been numb for a few days, I touch it and I cant feel the touch, however sensitivity is returning cause it seems better today than it was yesterday.

I noticed how experiences shape our outlook to life, like the popular saying goes, once bitten, twice shy. Most humans live by it, if I get burnt once on this, i’m not coming back again.

Because of what happened, I developed a little cold feet each time I have to take something out of the microwave cause that was the cause of the burn.

I was rubbing the numbed fingers today and the Holy Spirit was saying to me that a burn should never stop me from going back, He didn’t mean to the microwave, He meant to a promise that God might have made to me.

Some of us make requests just once or twice, when there aren’t answers, we change the request or just ignore them and move on the next thing. I have met people who have resolved never to marry because of  a few heartbreaks.

Burns cannot stop us from coming back to the feet of the cross, as a matter of fact, that should be our constant abode and not only when we’re in need of answers or blessings. God want us to be so comfortable with being at His feet to the point where things come and go and meet us there, still worshipping at His feet.

Stuff will hurt for sure, disappointments might come and not everything will make sense, but don’t develop a fear for making requests or develop a fear for that dwelling place. Just like my fingers remind me of the experience, let those issues remind us of the good and sovereign God that we serve that works everything out for our good in His time.


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