Coming back again and again

I was fortunate to grow up watching my mum do what she loved so much. She studied as a Lawyer, but before she went into the corporate world to practice, she cooked and baked everything cookable and bakeable lol! I still have vivid memories from my childhood of people coming over just to ask what new thing had been baked or cooked so they could taste.

My mum comes alive in the kitchen, it is so beautiful to witness. Unfortunately, I could be such a picky eater so I have not always eaten everything she has made once I identified an ingredient in it that I did not like. But for the major part, I enjoyed a rich variety of international food and pastries.

We could say she is an expert in this baking and cooking thing and somewhere in my head, she could retire into owning a bakery/restaurant run by people using her recipes.

But something funny happened in December, we were doing Christmas baking and we asked her to make a bit of one of her specials and that morning, I found her in her pantry, looking through her recipe books for the recipe of what we had asked her to make. I was certain that she was looking for it not because she had forgotten how to make it, but she wanted certainty that it would come out as perfectly as it had always come out. So she found her recipe and delivered as excellently as we had hoped she would.

I sat reminiscing on the life of David in the bible a few days ago, I do this often because David unlocked a certain level with God that not a lot of patriarchs did. I remembered particularly a story in 2 Samuel 5 where David enquired of God whether or not to pursue the enemy troop and God gave Him answers both times but with a different strategy the second time. The Holy Spirit spoke to me about how it is so dangerous to live on the instruction and glory of yesterday for today’s new battle.

He helped me see that while my mum was an expert in her culinary and baking skills, she still kept her recipes and referred to them ever so often, not because she had forgotten, but that constant enquiry of them guaranteed her same excellent results every time.

Same with David, His constant coming back to God to enquire for direction guaranteed His victory against the enemy troops every time. It is no coincidence that the Lord’s prayer says ‘Give us our daily bread’. Daily we need new bread, we cannot be satisfied with left over bread from yesterday. Bread here could mean word, direction or counsel. We daily need Gods fresh perspective on things. We can and should never move by assumption in our walk with God.

My mum may have or may not have learnt this principle from David’s life, but for me, it is a principle and doctrine that has been stamped in my heart having watched her and read about David, and as the bible says ‘at the word of 2 or 3 witnesses, a word will be established‘. This word has been established in my heart and I want as many people as possible to learn the wisdom in going to God as often as possible, no matter how convinced we are about the answer.

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