Most likely the known channel

I have been learning about the consistency of God, but more specifically, the importance of knowing the way God speaks to you. While God operates in different ways and we should remain open for Him to reach us however He pleases, His consistent nature also has a system put in place where He speaks to you in a certain way, consistently over a period of time, so a person will find that God speaks to them mostly through a certain channel even though there’s several other ways He might choose to speak to same person.

I observed that people expect God to speak to them differently when it comes to issues that they deem ‘crucial’, e.g. Who to marry, where to move to, or whether or not to go to work or pursue a masters degree. Suddenly, people expect God to appear to them in a dream with His choice, or send a prophet from somewhere to say ‘This is the word of the Lord…’. Haha.

My first question to such people is always ‘How does God normally speak to you?‘ and if they fail to answer, it reveals a deeper issue, even before the problem that has brought them around me.

I recognise acutely the voice of my mum and dad because I have consistently heard them over a long period of time, no matter how distant I might be from them in a place, without seeing them, I can tell that either of them is around the corner. My constant communication with them has fostered this ability.

It is same way, we learn God’s voice and the best way He chooses to speak to us by consistent communication with Him. If we only seek His face and hear Him once in 3 months, the likelihood that you will be able to hear when He speaks again is very low.

I want to show you another dimension of consistency with God’s work in a person with David and Goliath’s story. David had killed a lion and a bear prior to standing to fight Goliath, certain inclinations in the bible even make me believe that Saul only let David fight Goliath after he had made that point.

While it is not expressly written in the bible how David killed the bear and lion, I perceive in my Spirit that in was in a similar way to how he killed Goliath. With a sling and some stones. The bible records that David said “I went after it, struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth. When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it. Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear”.

‘Struck’ there could be anything but we know that David was a Shepherd boy and he was skilled in the use of his sling and stones, so the likelihood that he will adopt another means to strike these dangerous animals is very low, hence the proposition that the lion and the bear were killed in similar ways to Goliath. This also explains the accuracy with David’s target of Goliath. With one stone and one shot, mighty Goliath came crashing down. Something I will say comes only by constant practice, together with divine backing.

Throughout the bible, we see this consistent nature of God in the people that He walked with. Consistency is not just about productivity, I think it is much more about discipline and I believe that God is teaching us all daily in our work with Him.

The answer you’re waiting to get by angelic visitation will probably come by a whisper in your heart as He’s always spoken to you, and the battle before you that you suddenly need an armour to fight, will probably also just require the skill you have known and developed over time.

How we have trained is how we will fight the battle.

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