Balance the scale

I spoke to a friend early yesterday, she reached out with a question from a portion of scripture. I remembered it was the exact portion of scripture I had been confused about 2 years ago, at that time I did my research on it and got some answers, so I was excited that the question was coming again from someone, but guess what?

I forgot the conclusions The Holy Spirit had enabled me to arrive at and the research I had done. Lol

So I spent the morning doing the same research, only this time, I told myself I must never forget again and I’m hopeful that in another few years, God will send another person to ask me on that portion of scripture and I’ll testify that indeed, I did not forget.

If there is anything I have learnt about the scriptures, it is that it interprets itself. Stories in the old testament embody principles in the new testament. Teachings given in the new testament also reference precepts of the old testament. This is why true bible study can never be boring, because it is comprised of confirmation upon confirmation. I cannot count the number of times I have read a verse and I felt in my spirit that it is a deja vu moment, and in time, the Holy Spirit brings to mind the other scripture making it deja vu and it occurs to me that they speak of the same thing or Person, but are found in different parts of the bible.

The explanation I gave my friend today made reference to about 3 other scriptures from the old testament, after I sent her a voice note explaining, she responded saying ‘I never saw it that way‘, and I thought to myself, ‘neither would I have seen it this way if I did not know of these other portions of scripture that interpret the one we were looking at‘.

It dawned on me further that an imbalanced study of the bible will give you an imbalanced view of certain doctrines, principles and even of God Himself. Now, this is why we are encouraged to read the whole bible and not just pick bits and pieces of it that excite us, not so that we can boast in reading the entire bible, but so that we have a rounded and balanced view of a lot of things in life, because as you might be aware, the bible addresses all of lives issues, and you can quote me anywhere on this. The bible is wholesome to the entire experiences of man on earth, so you can trust the Word you receive from it.

We might never host the full counsel of God on this earth, but we can at least try to come close by embracing all His revealed word, which is the bible. This is actually a challenge to someone who reads up to this point, start a ‘Bible in 1 year’ plan and make 2021 a year of reading fully the counsel of God as revealed in His word.

Happy New Year!, This year we do more!

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