Power pass Power

When we encounter a power higher than our own, there is a restriction that comes, I wouldn’t want to call it humility, because true humility must be birth from choosing to be humble, but in such a case, one has encountered something stronger and so they have no choice but to be restricted, not because of humility, but almost by compulsion. God is growing us to a place where we act in humility, in love, in trust and also in total devotion to Him, not by restriction, but by deliberate choosing, even when it appears there might be other options.

It’s one of the significant beauties of the faith we profess; the power of choice. Like how Jesus chose to save us even though He didn’t have to.

I lay in my bed in the very early hours of this morning and the cross dominated my thoughts. I recently had been reading again the accounts of Jesus journey from the Passover feast to the cross of Calvary and each time, it is fresh and new. One of the many reasons we cannot afford to get too ‘used’ to the bible.

As I meditated, the Holy Spirit whispered to me that ‘the nails, as thick and as strong as they were, were not strong enough to keep Jesus on the cross. The legion of angels that He had authority over, were not too weak or intimidated to come to His rescue even as the soldiers tormented and abused Him. God the father Himself, was not too unjust to watch His only son go through that level of abuse without cause or reason.’

So I thought to myself, if none of these factors held Jesus to the cross, indeed it was only Love that committed Him to us to the point of having options but choosing the one that shamed Him, all for the people He loved.

Jesus CHOSE to relinquish His strength so that His weakness will make us all strong. we might never know in totality why Jesus loves us as much as He does, especially while still on this earth, but atleast as we grow in Him, our knowledge of His heart towards us becomes more apparent to us. And I’ll be kind to share what has become apparent.

He loved us because again, He chose to. There was no reason that could validate any of what He endured on the journey to the cross. He only did so because His love for us influenced Him to choose us over pain and shame. Brings me and I hope you to a deep level of reverential fear, knowing that we were not reason enough to be loved in such a manner but God almighty chose to love us that way regardless.

Almost tempted to say that Easter is more significant to our faith than even Christmas but I wouldn’t attempt to place them on pedestals because they both remind us of the person and the actions that gave us the life we live now. The world not celebrating Easter the way Christmas is celebrated brings me to a place of wonder, that just maybe we do not understand fully what we celebrate this season. If we did, the celebration does not tell of it.

But beyond the celebration, my hearts desire is that inside of us, something bigger than us is happening; the knowledge that we have been loved and chosen is engraving itself deeper in our hearts because this season testifies of this love and choosing than any other season.

My heart is throwing a huge party for Jesus and all that He came to give me and I hope that all over the world, believers also remind Jesus that we did not forget all that He faced to give us all that we have now.

Because the nails weren’t even as strong as the love.

Forever in awe Jesus, Thank you.

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