Fake doctor

A few months ago I observed a boil on my gum, from my little science knowledge I know they often result from bacterial infections so I thought to myself that I just needed to get antibiotics.

Without consulting any medical practitioner further, I went online, did my research and just asked my doctor the most neutral antibiotics that contained penicillin, after receiving my reply, I went right on to the pharmacy and purchased these drugs and started to take it. By the following day, the boil started to shrink and dry up.

Standing in the mirror the following day, I mentally gave myself a pat on the back and kept thinking to myself that “wow, I really am my own doctor and can treat myself”

While in my thoughts, I received a hard rebuke from my spirit and I heard the Holy Spirit say “look how easy it is to deceive the human mind, just look how you’ve convinced yourself that you’re a doctor”. I’ve thought about that long and hard and I realise that indeed, it takes very little to convince the human mind of something.

Our mind can be so fickle, false conviction can spring from there if our spirits are too dead to double check it. When God talks of a renewed mind, it is one that comes by the Holy Spirit because no height of human will can fight it’s own convictions. I’ve had situations when my mind has suggested a thing but my spirit opposed and in subjecting it to time and prayer, I see why the opposition from my spirit came.

We totally should all make it a point of duty to keep Our Spirits open, receptive, sensitive and most importantly, connected to the One from whom all convictions should spring from. Your mind can convince you about anything if you allow it ponder on that thing long enough, let the Holy Spirit in you be the filter and have the final say.

Who am I kidding? I’m not a medical doctor even though I know antibiotics kills bacterial infections.

On a side note, this is Foch womans 300th post. Cheers to this 300 and the next 300! Check out what we did for the 200th post.

14 thoughts on “Fake doctor

  1. Abi says:

    Lol. This is so relatable.

    Today, an application I sent out came back with a favourable response and immediately I heard it, my shoulders started going up, telling myself that I had submitted a really good application, KNOWING PERFECTLY WELL that I didn’t even do everything I was asked to do to a T. Lol, I knew it was just by the grace of God because my application could’ve been disqualified but I just wanted to acknowledge my hard work and tell myself that it paid off.

    I had to quickly tell myself the truth.

    We die daily and further o 😂

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