Life giving hunger

I think a big characteristic that remains unchanging while a person is on this earth is a hunger for knowledge. That quest does not ever seem to end, while the kind of knowledge desired and the intensity of it vary for people, it still remains that people everywhere seek more knowledge.

One day, after a beautiful quiet time with God, I lay on my bed to sleep with tears pouring down of their own accord, it wouldn’t stop and I didn’t try to stop it, I was asking God why he won’t quench all the hunger and thirst that I felt and He told me something that night.

God said that the zenith of satisfaction I want will not come while I’m on this earth, He will satisfy hunger as it comes but the satisfaction comes with deeper hunger and it continues like that till He calls us to our real Home, where we will dwell with the Lover of our souls, deeply and completely satisfied.

This is why I often say that hunger is evidence of a heathy soul. The moment satisfaction is all we feel, we must cry out for more, because in this environment, and in this body, we’re not capable of hosting the ‘all’ that our spirits really desire.

It’s a good and bad thing for us, but it’s always good on Gods end.

Good because it’s a constant reminder that this isn’t home and as you know in reality, no other place satisfies or feels exactly like home and it’s important that the longer we live, rather than growing in comfort of this temporary home, we grow in more hunger of our real home.

And it’s bad because if not careful and sensitive, the hunger could lead you to counterfeit satisfaction that only lasts momentarily. Remember that that God remains in the simple, no matter the depth or intensity of the hunger. Wake up each day and do the seeming “simple” things to keep getting filled and satisfied.

Because of this knowledge, I am convinced that there are so many things deposited in my spirit that might not even manifest now till I’m in our real home. I don’t know what they are, sometimes you might see snippets of it in your quiet place with God but you don’t know or understand it fully and I’ve learnt to be content with that because the bible even told us that “we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” 1 Corinthians 13:9-12.

I have dreams where I’m singing deeply satisfying songs. I had one last night. I was singing a song with hands lifted high and I was in tears and the song seemed all too familiar to me. I sang it word for word. Each word struck me so deeply that all I could do was cry. In the dream, for some weird reason I actually thought to myself that I needed to remember this song always.

I woke up this morning and I’m yet to remember it, I’ve done all I can to remember it, but I can’t. I remember exactly how the words hit my spirit, but I don’t know the words. Weird, that I don’t even know if it was actually words.

It’s things like this that reecho my belief that there’s more within us that will manifest as we grow and also when we appear before Jesus.

It’s okay to grow frustrated at the hunger and the part knowledge & prophecy, but let the frustration lead you to deep joy at all that is within our spirits that await manifestation. Whether on this side of life, or the one to come.

Just a deep hearts cry that we can all pray now:

“Abba please keep satisfying us with more hunger, may we not one day wake up and realise that we’re deeply satisfied, but not with hunger for You.

May our increased hunger not lead us out of You, may we rather be patient and wait on you in the simple, because it’s always in the simple that the supernatural comes.

Keep us joyful in our part knowledge”

Stay hungry please, there’s more. Not only from above, but also from within you.

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