The making flames

I love when God uses the most mundane things to anchor us in truth that we might have heard before. The conviction from being taught by God can’t be taken by anyone.

I got into the bathroom on Saturday morning and I realised I needed to open a new bar of soap so I reached for the soap packet and I attempted ripping it open from either of the edges.

The thing with this product packaging is that, after they must have put the products into the outer nylon, they use fire, or a form of heat to solidly the nylon on the product, to firm it up and keep it in place, so no products are slipping out or even left free for theft.

So I tossed the packet round in my hands, finding a vulnerable spot on it to rip it open. I quit looking at the edges, looked on top, found a place that hadn’t been made firm by the fire and I made an ugly tear.

I was victorious in getting my soap out but I couldn’t stop thinking of the process that got me there, and the spirit of God started to tell me how important the fire/the heat is. When heat hasn’t firmed us up, we’re so slippery, vulnerable and easily accessible for theft.

The problem I realised further was that it was easy for the edges to be tried by the heat and firmed up with fire, same way it’s easy for us to give God access to the obvious places for Him to try and test but we forget that the devil goes “to and fro”, he looks around, finding the vulnerable spots to tear open.

The impact of the fire is almost like a shield against crumbling under little pressures of the enemy.

And so that morning, I saw the Lord teach me about the need for fire, how sometimes, comfort makes us so slippery, just like how easier it would’ve been to just open the soap packet if fire hadn’t been applied to firm it up.

Comfort comes at a cost that we don’t even realise until we see all the vulnerable spots it creates.

So I’m learning, to embrace the fire and heat seasons, to offer not just some parts to the fire, but offer all. So i’ll be thoroughly built up in every way.

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