Dear Leah,

I sat meditating on Leah’s life the other day, went back to read her story and I had hard questions that I wanted God to answer. I told God that it didn’t make sense that she ended up with a man who made no attempt to hide the fact that he loved his second wife, her younger sister, more than her.

In meditation, God drifted me from my own quest and helped me see how there’s still more people feeling like Leah among His bride even right now;

  • The ones who feel unloved and are convinced God loves His other children more than He loves them. Rachel was the loved one, everyone could see that
  • The ones who do not feel beautiful enough, as the bible described Leah with “weak eyes” and Rachel with a “lovely figure and beautiful face”, hm, but God made Leah too right?
  • The ones always feeling like they must earn and merit every good thing they can get. They believe in grace but only to an extent because all their own lives, they’ve earned all they’ve got. Leah used her sons mandrakes to get a night with her own husband
  • The ones who constantly feel hurt and defeated due to circumstances outside of their control like being forced to marry a man who worked for your sister and not you. Rejected on arrival
  • And then, the ones constantly waiting for the next big thing in their life to happen to get some attention from Abba. Same way Leah got excited each time she got pregnant because she thought “now, my husband will love me”. Always left disappointed.

All of these are mindsets and realities Leah dealt with as the wife of Jacob, and sadly more of Gods children are still stuck here.

Abba is writing a letter to you to address each of these feelings of inadequacies to the Leah’s among the bride who are battling with one or more of these that Leah faced.

Rachel’s grab a chair too.

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