Jumping with our short rope

I’ve been meditating on the little boy in the bible whose lunch fed 5000 men with leftovers. We talk about the miracle of the multiplication too often without the source of the little that brought the plenty.

He probably had no idea what his lunch was going to do that day, I imagined he even thought it wasn’t enough for him alone, talk more for 5000 men, plus women and children.

The bible doesn’t give us a full picture as to how they got him to willingly release his lunch, I was even more curious as to how Peter identified a little boy in that whole crowd with his lunch.

I’m certain this little boy wasn’t coerced or forced to release his lunch for a miracle, for all we know, he probably had just followed the crowd to that point just to see what the noise was about, the disciples also couldn’t have inspired him to give up his lunch for a miracle, because they themselves didn’t even believe that they could feed all those people there.

The Holy Spirit was teaching me that he gave it up for the 4-5 people only who he believed could share his lunch. He gave it for the people his faith could carry.

And sometimes guys, that’s enough, because even his little faith got multiplied just seeing how his expected 5 mouths became over 5000 mouths.

The leap in our seeming little faith counts, it’s not just when you believe the 5000 will be fed that God acts, remember the size of the mustard seed?

I’d say that the boys faith that his lunch will feed 5 was even greater than a mustard seed faith.

So go in the size of faith you have, don’t wait for it to grow before you release the 5 loaves and 2 fish in your hand. Bigger faith is waiting to manifest just because you released.

Everybody went home that day believing in the miracle of multiplication, the little boy went home knowing that at any point, he could be the catalyst for any miracle just by being available and making what he had available.

3 thoughts on “Jumping with our short rope

  1. Wise Hearted says:

    I have always wish I could have been there for that miracle and seen the little boys face as God worked. We have had a few miracle such as that, always when there was no other way to meet that need except through a miracle. I think that is what I miss the most about living overseas in remote places. In the US we have many organization to meet all kind of need. I am not against them, in fact praise Him for them. My husband always says, if you can explain it, then it’s not a miracle. Like the title of this, Jumping with our short rope.

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    • Fochwoman says:

      This is so beautiful Betty, I also share your sentiment with the fact that In more developed parts of the world, there’s less opportunities for people to show or develop radical faith and trust because everything appears at your beck and call. Indeed we thank God for it, we also thank God for our brothers and sisters out on mission fields developing their heart by being in places that aren’t as simple and constantly having to jump, sometimes, even without a rope.

      Thank you so much for reading and engaging ❤️


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