Not-so-pretty revelations

Thank God for tests in life that reveal our vulnerability, thank God that they face us with practicalities and not just what we think we know.

I think with Gods word too, it’s so easy to be convinced of being fully persuaded by the word of God, up until a test comes and you’re faced with a circumstance that requires the practical application of Gods word.

Throughout Gods word, He’s set His people up for tests, not to shame them or see them fail, but to reveal, and strengthen those areas of vulnerabilities, because Gods test comes to build us for those days of adversity while the devil will come with tests to break us.

Few weeks ago now, I faced a test of trust, just trusting that God was going to do something He promised me this year, it was drawing closer to the time for its manifestation and from nowhere, my heart began to flutter, not in a cute way at all.

I was so full of doubt, second options and preparing for worse case scenarios. I was waking up feeling anxious and distracting myself to bed. The worse part was that I would confess Gods word over my heart one minute, and the next I’ll be worrying.

Some days I actually heard the Holy Spirit say to me clearly, “Rubie when did your heart grow so weak?”

I couldn’t even answer because I wondered same.

I prayed nonetheless, through that season, I’d still repent of my doubt and I would recommit my heart to trusting God concerning His word. It was hard, I cried and some days, I drew strength from my friends.

God came through. He did exactly what He had promised, but the test on trust? I failed, woefully.

I’m not beating myself up about it but I’ve been convicted on the need to strengthen that area of vulnerability because much more trust and faith will be needed for much bigger things in my life, both now and the future.

The Holy Spirit as always, has been so gentle with me and while I appreciate it, I’m reminded that I could delay Gods work in and around me by refusing to learn this lesson fast.

So I’ve been praying for my heart, I’ve been filling my heart with Gods word, cause that’s how faith comes and I’ve been talking to God on what might have made my heart so weak. I know it’s a journey that won’t be instant, but I’m excited for the test that revealed this vulnerability.

I’m more open and receptive of tests now because I’ve seen how it takes you from theory to practical, which is so important for this kingdom we are a part of.

Don’t be scared of walking through seasons of tests, they’re so daunting and it’s okay if you think you’ve failed or are failing, good is still achieved, in that you become aware of an area that needs to be worked on.

Gods promises to us aren’t only for our hearts to believe, they’re much more for our situations to come into alignment with those words which we believe. We do this by holding on and confessing those words, until there is an alignment.

I’m convinced God will continue to help us. Thank God for these days of testing and revelations that prepares us for days of battle.

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