Better off absent?

I woke up this morning thinking “this could’ve gone any other way”.

I had woken up with a knowing from the Holy Spirit to take something to God in prayer. Something quite mundane I’d say.

When He brought it to my mind, I remember thinking “how wicked of me to think I could do this without prayer”.

This was me repenting right before the second thought came; “this could’ve gone any other day”.

It’s interesting that a little over 2 weeks ago, my boss had called a few of us (his staff) for a mini brainstorming session, he had shared a new branch of our business he was proposing and at the end of the discussion, his last question for brainstorming was “how can we do this without me?, how can we do it in such a way that it’s not dependent on my presence at all?”.

That took another couple of minutes thinking on because it’s not natural or wise to go a course without the visionary.

I know business language will tell business owners to sell their visions to people who can run with it without them (the visionary), but you’ll find the most successful companies keeping the word or voice of the initial visionary close because as much as they sell visions, they see the best. At least in that particular time and for that scope.

It’s how Apple sacked Steve Jobs for “being hard to work with” but later reemployed him back a few years later.

Beyond what the media tells us was the cause of his sacking, it’s just the natural order of things playing out for a process or journey to require its initial steward.

I hope this short story gives you a picture of the desire of earthly bosses not to be right in the middle of the operation of their companies. They want detached nodes that run perfectly without them. Business actually says a company is even more successful with such models.

It’s exciting just how contrasting the systems of this world are to the systems of God. My thought of “this could’ve gone any other way”after thinking I should’ve taken something to God, was a thought that reflected my confusion at how Our God had options of operation and took the option of being God that avails Himself this much to us, to the point of desiring to be included at every detail of our lives.

I thought of just how easier it would’ve been for God if He created us without the knowledge of His own existence, how He would have far less stray bullets for the wrong things that might happen in our lives, how we would’ve feared Him more, how we would’ve sort of “disturbed Him less”. I thought of how much more time He would’ve had to focus on matters of the constellations and galaxies, YET, He chose that we would be the primary object of His focus.

Guys, this could’ve gone any other wayyyy.

We’re most privileged of all people. To have a boss who actually desires to be at the centre of our lives, who doesn’t mind being the one node at the centre that holds it all together. Who does not complain of being overburdened or thinking us incompetent because we rely completely on Him.

God chose this way wilfully and intentionally, knowing all that it’ll come with and He chose it because He absolutely loves us.

Having His presence go with us in both the seeming easy and the hard is what He wants to do. God isn’t like earthly masters wanting to be left out, wanting to exist as the head but not be the primary connecting node.

I’m in awe of Gods choice of doing God the way He chose to. All of it screams LOVE.

And today, I need you to be reminded of just how much God loves you, that He went this extent of designing His operations in our lives as a constant necessity and not just a one off like other gods and masters will do.

Forgive me if you read this and I’ve not told you just how much you’re loved by God cause it’ll be so wicked of me not to.

He’s The God who delights in all the details.

7 thoughts on “Better off absent?

  1. davidsdailydose says:

    Yes, God could have “winded up the world” and walked away. But that’s not what He did. He revealed Himself to us, time and again, and showed the depth of His love for humanity by sending His own son to pay for our sins. How rich is the Father’s love for us! Thank you for this, Rubie. When it came to God saving us, It couldn’t have gone any other way. Blessings!

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