Carrying on His legacy

The entire church across the globe gets to celebrate the essence, reason and catalyst of the faith we have today, after the bane of mankind was completely removed and our life’s course recharted.

Today reminds me of the greatest love story ever told, because of the magnanimous sacrifice made by one man for the saving of many.

I wanted to remind us of what this sacrifice has come to mean to us. It should awaken us to the joys found in our salvation that we must never lose sight of. Because Jesus submitted himself to be the scapegoat for us, we now get to;

1. Be United back to the Father. Not in a “I stand with the father”, but in a “I stand in and with the father”. We are now seated together with Him in heavenly places. The dividing wall of sin has completely been removed because the wrath of God was satisfied in Jesus on the cross. You and I and Abba are now one. It pleased God to make a home in you and I.

2. Be free from sin. The same sin that bound Adam and Eve after the fall and continues to plaque every human seed, including you and I at birth is destroyed when any man comes to Christ and accepts His sacrifice as their own. We are no longer slaves, we are not answerable to our flesh, we are not led by our human desires. We are fully engulfed and saturated by the Holy Spirit and He has become our compass.

3. Be united with brethren. We have brothers and sisters all over the world joined by the cord of the blood of Jesus. Because we’re a part of one family, we stick together, look out for one another and cover each other when the need arises. The church is only possible because Jesus said yes to the experience of the cross.

4. Be assured of eternity with Christ. We have no fear of death because we know fully that it’s only a transition. Jesus removed any fear of death because there is no finality to it. Glory to God! We get to look forward to a time of total union with Abba in His kingdom in the new heaven and earth to come.

5. Be spirit minded and eternity driven. We don’t see the world as mere humans do, we aren’t driven by the motivations of the mere human. Greater thoughts and words drive us daily. We are aware of the volatility of this side of life and become totally submitted to the work of the spirit in us.

6. Be temples of the Holy Spirit. I personally greatly, greatly rejoice at this reality we enjoy in Christ, because I wonder “what will we do if not for the Holy Spirit?”. This Person in us begins to sponsor our life and living Christ’s way and it becomes evident to all around us.

7. Be carriers of the legacy of Jesus. We don’t stop at rejoicing at our unity with Christ. We’re awaken to our own responsibility to tell more people this marvellous life we now live in Christ and invite them to partake of the many blessings that come with the risen king.

There’s a soberness that should come today to every believer, even amidst the great joy. One that reminds us of all the sacrifices that got us here and challenges us to rise to our responsibility and get this great news out.

The Gospel continues to prevail through the entire earth, but I pray that it starts by prevailing in you and I first. It can’t reach the world without starting with you.

Ephesians 2:6 – “For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus.”

Thank you Jesus, Happy Easter.

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